Scouted Roadtrip: Tour de Virginia

Summertime brings about the need, want, and desire to travel. Faraway places are alluring, but ever consider a roadtrip in the same locale? We have put together a small guide to adventuring in Virginia through the Scouted lense, listing our beloved TSG cities that dot the beautiful rolling hills of this picturesque state. From mountains, to meadows to lapping salt water, Virginia has a little bit of everything that rightfully deserves your curiosity and enjoyment. So pack up the car and head out to these fabulous scouted cities in VA!

Image courtesy of Aaron Watson Photography.


Why visit the dynamic university town of Charlottesville, Virginia? Christy Ford and Susie Matheson, The Scout Guide co-founders and co-editors of The Scout Guide Charlottesville, can name a few reasons. This bustling and bucolic city offers mountain views, top-notch food, unique boutiques, and a bevy wineries. Here, Christy and Susie share their favorite local finds and activities for taking in their city.

Editor Sarah Phillips and Assistant Editor Claire Chandler of The Scout Guide Alexandria. Photo courtesy The Scout Guide Alexandria.


History, proximity, community—these are just some of the traits that make Alexandria, Virginia, an idyllic destination. Stroll down charming King Street in Old Town Alexandria and you can feel the ghosts of the Founding Fathers who once frequented the area while surrounded by more than 200 locally owned shops, restaurants, and businesses. To help visitors make the most of a visit to the area, we asked The Scout Guide Alexandria editor/owner Sarah Phillips to share recommendations for where to stay, sightsee, sip, and more during a trip to her town.

Shagbark Restaurant in Richmond, Virginia. Photo courtesy of Shagbark.


A revitalized city brimming with fashionable boutiques, award-winning restaurants, and distinct art galleries, Richmond has rightfully earned its spot on the map as a hip Southern city that is worth a weekend visit. A Virginia girl through and through, The Scout Guide Richmond Editor Cheney Edmunds grew up in Norfolk and visited Richmond often during her school days at Randolph-Macon College. After moving back to the area four years ago, Cheney was overcome with excitement seeing a new and improved Richmond.

The Scout Guide Tidewater editor Mary Kaufman on the Virginia Beach boardwalk. Photography by Andi & Zoe.

tidewater region

A quintessential East Coast beach town, Virginia Beach boasts one of America’s most photogenic boardwalks, plenty of waterside oyster bars, and an abundance of unique, high-end shopping opportunities. But what many might not know is that the well-known waterfront destination also neighbors the bustling city of Norfolk, and is surrounded by many charming “sister cities” nestled into the beautiful coastal plains. The area, known to locals as the Tidewater Region, is steeped in history and military lore, and covered in water. Here, The Scout Guide Tidewater editor Mary Kaufman shares a guide to her area that will have visitors considering tacking on an extra day or two to their Virginia Beach travel plans.

Merchant’s Square in Williamsburg. Photo courtesy TSG Williamsburg and The Chesapeake Bay.


Colonial Williamsburg is one of the historic landmarks everyone needs to visit in their lifetime. But what many visitors to this site best known as a meticulously restored colonial village might not realize is that it is adjacent to some of the most picturesque waterfront communities on the East Coast, with endless waterways worth exploring. To help those traveling to Williamsburg make the most of their time in the area, we asked The Scout Guide Williamsburg & the Chesapeake Bay editor Sara Harris to share recommendations for what not to miss. From taking in colonial history and to exploring on the water, here are her insider tips.

The beautiful Mortgage Hall Estate. Photography by Cait Connolly Photography.


Last but not least, come visit our very own Hunt Country, Virginia! Weekend escapes here from D.C. are essential to a well-rounded summer or fall, and especially cozy in the chilliness of early spring or late winter. A visit to Hunt Country will come with lots of good food, beautiful scenery and horse after horse after horse. We love it, and we hope to see you here soon!