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Thank you for your interest in advertising with The Scout Guide. The mission of The Scout Guide is to support and highlight small businesses within their communities, and join them together in one national network. By advertising with The Scout Guide, you are aligning with thousands of Scouted local businesses across the country.

If you are a small business owner, interested in local advertising in The Scout Guide, and want to learn more about the opportunities in your market, we’d love to hear from you. Please take a look at our current city list and fill out the form below. Prospective advertisers are also encouraged to review The Scout Guide Media Kit.

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“It is truly an honor to be a part of such a beautiful and well-conceived marketing program. You go above and beyond a simple print piece with the continuing social media opportunities as well. Thank you for including me!”
Dana Southers, Owner of Terra Boutique, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

“What I really value is the business-to-business referrals. When my clients need to send flowers to people in other cities, I go straight to The Scout Guide website to see who TSG recommends. I trust their recommendations. Planning The Scout Guide photo shoot is one of the most important things I do for my business each year. It’s the best way to demonstrate the high-quality service on which my business has built its reputation.”
Stephen Sonnier, Owner of Dunn & Sonnier, New Orleans, Louisiana

“As a small, successful, independent business, we had never paid for ads, but something about the look and the feel of The Scout Guide made us take the plunge. Our experience with The Scout Guide Asheville has been stellar. We saw returns on our investment before the Asheville edition had even been published, through networking with fellow businesses featured in the magazine we met at TSG events and posts about our business from TSG on Instagram. We can’t wait to be part of the second edition.”
—Hannah Schauer, Optician at L’optique, Asheville, North Carolina

“My experience working with The Scout Guide has been absolutely phenomenal and a testament to the importance of growing local relationships. I had three times the engagement and following from a single social media post through TSG than I had from an article written about me in GQ. Both were an honor to be featured in, but what really stood out was the impact The Scout Guide had in terms of growing a local following. There is something to be said about their network and the way their subscribers connect with local businesses. As I continue to grow my brand, I’m learning that people connect most not just with the products and services you offer, but with the stories and personas behind the brand. The Scout Guide does an awesome job of bridging that connection, sharing your story through thoughtful presentation, and truly curating a sense of community.”
—Marcel Ames, Founder, X (Ten) Of Pentacles, Richmond, Virginia

“I really enjoy being in The Scout Guide. It aligns my business with the top architects and designers, creating a perfect ‘Scout’ pairing for projects. This ad gets me exposure beyond any other advertising.”
Bill Norton, Owner of Rockpile Construction, Charlottesville, Virginia

“We love being part of The Scout Guide community! As a small, family-owned business, we need our advertising dollars to work hard for us. TSG placement at high-end hotels and events throughout the city provides invaluable exposure to new clients who appreciate and rely on this curated list of what’s what in Columbus. Whenever I walk into a friend’s home and see The Scout Guide on a coffee table or shelf, I feel great knowing our advertisement isn’t tossed with yesterday’s paper or tuned out during the commute home, but instead kept handy for future reference. It doesn’t feel like an ad, thanks to the beautiful and editorial-like photography and layout; many of our customers comment that they saw our ‘photo’ in TSG without even realizing it’s an advertisement! It is also wonderful to have access to a network of other locally run businesses helmed by smart and talented people through The Scout Guide member events.”
—Elaine Howard, Founder and Executive Buyer at Star Jewelers on High, Columbus, Ohio