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Thank you for your interest in advertising with The Scout Guide. Guided by the belief that small businesses are the cornerstones of our cities, The Scout Guide connects people with makers, experts, and one another. In print and online, and on national and local levels, The Scout Guide celebrates small businesses, supports entrepreneurs, and helps readers enjoy their communities to the fullest. Please read on to learn about local and national advertising opportunities.




Local Advertising Opportunities

The Scout Guide leverages a combination of personalized print ad design, strategic distribution, social media marketing, online editorial, and B2B networking opportunities and events to promote the local businesses that make every community unique. Please take a look at our current city list and fill out the form below to learn more about advertising locally with The Scout Guide.

2023 Media Kit

National Advertising Opportunities

Readers of The Scout Guide’s national newsletter, The Scouted Life, are seeking to support and discover small businesses nationwide. We encourage you—whether you are a member or non-member—to peruse these exclusive digital opportunities with The Scout Guide.

If your business is located within one of our 74+ markets, you will be required to advertise locally in order to benefit from these exclusive national digital offerings.

2023 National Advertising Add-Ons

What Our Advertisers Have to Say


“People tell me all the time: ‘Oh, I saw you in The Scout Guide. We just had to come.'”

Watch Jason Becton, co-owner of MarieBette Café and Bakery, discuss how The Scout Guide connects him and his business to the community.

Video by Zach Cullen of Live Oak Films.


“It’s exciting for us that The Scout Guide has the same vision—that you should be seen locally, you should build locally, and you should build partnerships on a local level.”

Watch to discover how The Scout Guide helped local businesses join together to create a one-of-a-kind experience in this video featuring Lisa Milbank, President of Caspari.

Video by Zach Cullen of Live Oak Films.