Meet: Fulton Found and Botanical Dwellings

Eric and Tabatha Fulton. All photos courtesy Fulton Found/Botanical Dwellings.

Meet Fulton Found and Botanical Dwellings, two incredibly imaginative businesses spear-headed by the dynamic duo of Eric and Tabatha Fulton. Fulton Found, a masculine lifestyle boutique, is adorned with stylish garments made to live in from unique brands, as well as Virginia-based products, accessories for the bar and outdoor entertainment, to name a few. Botanical Dwellings is lush with every kind of houseplant you can imagine as well as incredible gifts, beauty products, one-of-a-kind home decor and more. Both businesses house motorcycles, (yes, motorcycles!). Botanical Dwellings has one at the back of the shop, and Fulton Found houses five. One is in display from a local custom Moto builder and the rest are from Eric’s collection.

We chatted with Eric and Tabatha about these two wonderful brands they have created and situated in the heart of Culpeper, Virginia. Get to know them below and be sure to take a day trip to shop local!

TSG: How did you get started in your business?

ERIC: We were friends for years before becoming partners in life and then, in business. I’ve always encouraged Tabatha to carve out her own path, combining what she loves into a unique career. During the pandemic, we took a leap and created our own space focused on home decor and plants, but it’s more than just a plant shop to us.

We were doing the buildout in the winter and I couldn’t ride my motorcycle, so I joked about putting my Triumph Bonneville on display in our shop. That joke turned into reality and sparked the concept for Fulton Found before we even knew that Fulton Found would exist. It began in a corner of our store, Botanical Dwellings, offering a range of carefully chosen masculine gifts. The vibe in that part of the shop was something special, drawing people in. It felt right to expand that concept, and when the opportunity came to occupy a space on the most trafficked street in town, we jumped at it. That’s how we started Fulton Found, a masculine lifestyle boutique.

A peek inside Botanical Dwellings.

TSG: What do you love most about working in Hunt Country?

ERIC/TABATHA: We have been in the area for nine years and sixteen years, respectively. We love the culture, the access to outdoor amenities, and proximity to city centers. We’re able to enjoy small town life but we can still take the train into the city if we’d like.

TSG: What is your favorite aspect of your work? 

ERIC/TABATHA: Eric enjoys the direct client interaction and introducing people to new brands that they may not have found on their own. Tabatha enjoys creating beautiful spaces and having a positive impact within the community. Collectively, when we talk about our goals and why we want to start a new business or create “this new thing”, our answers align. We both wanted a place to shop for unique pieces, with like minded people in a way that builds the local community and promotes the economic vitality of Culpeper.

Loving all of the neutral hues at Fulton Found!

TSG: What are some of your favorite local spots in Hunt Country?

ERIC/TABATHA: Honestly, ambiance plays a big role in our enjoyment of a space and of course, consistency in a delicious menu! Pinto Thai Restaurant in Culpeper is always delicious, we’ve truly never had a bad meal there. Francis, in Sperryville has the most yummy cocktails, fantastic bartenders, and the ambiance is excellent.

TSG: What are some recent or new projects from Botanical Dwellings and Fulton Found?

ERIC/TABATHA: We just announced that Botanical Dwellings is moving to a much larger space on East Davis Street in Culpeper. We’re excited at the prospect of having workshops hosted inside and able to be offered year round, which means we can expand our workshop menu. At Fulton Found, we’re building out the brand list for bringing in moto gear and are in the process of creating an exclusive membership program with access to discounts, benefits, and events!

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New location coming soon!
404 S Main St,
Culpeper, VA
[email protected]
 205 East Davis Street
Culpeper, VA