FRIDAY FIVE with Laura Hanley, Owner of Roanoke Trading Co.

Integral to The Scout Guide mission is telling the stories behind the small businesses Scouted in each Volume. The story begins in print and continues online, after all. As you peruse Volume 1 , we are thrilled to continue our story telling mission with a fun little feature called “Friday FIVE”. This week, learn more about what Laura Hanley of Roanoke Trading Co. and champion of Small Businesses, loves about her local community! Head to Oak Street for a day of shopping, “unique dining”, and wine tasting. Swing by Roanoke Trading Co. and of course, let Laura and the gals know that The Scout Guide sent you!

What unique aspects of your community make it special to you? I love how the City of Roanoke has such charm. It feels like a Hallmark Movie. It is in the middle of the Metroplex yet it still feels small and quaint. I feel like that is hard to find in larger areas and I love how Roanoke feels that way! Plus, I grew up here so watching it turn into what it is today is really special and something I am blessed to be a part of. 

How has your community supported your growth as a local business owner? My customers are a gift to me. They have supported me and remained so loyal over the last nine years. They show up for me and have become some of my dearest friends. 

Are there any local traditions or events that you look forward to every year? Roanoke’s Hometown Holiday is my favorite event of the year. Everything is so festive and there is no shortage of things to do! I also love visiting downtown Grapevine at Christmastime

If you’re having a “self care day”, where are you going? The Hair Bar in Southlake for a blowout!

If you could only pick one local restaurant as your favorite, what would it be? Los Compadres in Roanoke! Their table side guacamole is my favorite! Make sure to add bacon!