Scouted Boutique Social Media and Marketing Experts You Should Know About in the Southwest, West, and Midwest

In an age when social media and digital marketing reign supreme, this is your sign to level up. From bootstrapping startups to crafting killer personal brands, these media aces have the playbook to get you noticed. Are you ready to go viral? Consult The Scout Guide Directory to find a complete list of marketing professionals.

portrait of a woman
Photography by Audria Abney.

Avery Wagner, Wagner Perspective

Tucson & Southern Arizona 
Tagline: We make social media less overwhelming and more doable
Services: consulting, personalized Instagram audits, customized Instagram roadmaps, and social shoots

portrait of a woman
Photography by Jennifer Olson Photography.

Bailey Ness, Nesscessity

Denver, Colorado
Tagline: Dedicated to helping brands find their color
Services: content creation, blog writing, social media management

portrait of a woman
Photography courtesy of Boom Creative.

Erika Karl, Boom Creative

Columbus, Ohio
Tagline: Bold out-of-the-ordinary marketing
Services: social, email marketing, photography and video, podcast production, event marketing and public relations

woman sitting
Photography by Kismet Visuals.

Eryn Gilson, EGC Marketing

Columbus, Ohio
Tagline: Mindful Execution, Strategic Growth: The Small Business Advantage
Services: Social media marketing, content creation, paid ads, influencer marketing, email marketing, website design and development, SEO, brand development, brand events, strategy development, photoshoot direction, and digital product design

portrait of a woman
Photography by Danielle Lopez Photo.

Ciera Kringle, Digital Box Designs

Bozeman, Montana
Tagline: We design inside the box so you can keep thinking outside of it
Services: branding, website design, copywriting, and SEO

portrait of a woman
Photography by Megan Bucknall.

Cristina Garcia, 787 Social

Austin, Texas 
Tagline: Elevating brands, one strategy at a time
Services: social media marketing, influencer marketing, content creation, 1:1 consulting, digital marketing, and event marketing

two women standing
Photography by Amber Tice Photo.

Kathryn Prager & Neda Khalilian, Glass Ceiling Marketing

Southlake, Texas
Tagline: Breaking through the noise to reach your target audience
Services: digital marketing and advertising, branding, content creation, engagement, partnerships, photo/video shoots, and graphics 

portrait of a woman
Photography by Chloe Reed Sokolosky.

Olivia Taylor, Simply Social Management

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tagline: Helping small business owners make time to scale and grow
Services: social media management, social media advertising, email marketing, and influencer partner management

portrait of a woman
Photography by Audrey Owen.

Andrea Sanchez, Lemonade Hype

Naples, Florida, and Bozeman, Montana
Tagline: We build brand through effective storytelling and compelling visual designs
Services: web design, social media, branding, digital marketing, app development, graphic design, content curation, content curation, site management, SEO services, visual merchandising, and experiential events

Nesscessity appears in The Scout Guide Denver. Boom Creative appears in The Scout Guide Columbus. 787 Social appears in The Scout Guide Austin. Wagner Perspective appears in The Scout Guide Tucson & Southern Arizona. Digital Box Designs appears in The Scout Guide Bozeman. Glass Ceiling Marketing appears in The Scout Guide Southlake & Grapevine. Simply Social Management appears in The Scout Guide Tulsa. Lemonade Hype appears in The Scout Guide Naples and The Scout Guide Bozeman.