Friday FIVE with Danielle Rey, Assistant Editor of The Scout Guide Southlake & Grapevine

This week’s feature is a special one as we are introducing our new Assistant Editor, Danielle Rey!

Hailing from the land of maple syrup and politeness (Canada, eh!), Danielle traded her toque for a sun hat when she made Colleyville her home in 2012, alongside her husband, Philipp and their two boys. Bringing her exceptional skills to weave words and capture the essence of our local community. With the finesse of a former ice dancer in figure skating – gracefully executing intricate moves that tell a story – Danielle brings a unique flair to our editorial team. And, did we mention she is also a figure skating judge, offering expert critiques not just for jumps but for the poetry of dance as well? So, if your moves need some finesse, she’s your go-to guru.

Beyond the dazzling figure skating and editorial prowess, Danielle is a seasoned entrepreneur, owning a digital marketing agency with over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing. When she’s not sipping coffee, perfecting her judging skills, or crafting marketing strategies, Danielle is on a quest for knowledge. Learning new things is her jam, and she does it with a smile that could rival a barista’s latte art. So, here’s to Danielle Rey – our new Associate Editor, ice dance virtuoso, coffee connoisseur, seasoned entrepreneur, and perpetual learner. The Southlake and Grapevine community just got a whole lot brighter!

Read on to see what Danielle Rey, Assistant Editor of The Scout Guide Southlake and Grapevine, loves about her local community!

Image by Laura Kellerman Photography

What unique aspects of your community make it special to you? “I love living in the Mid Cities, so close to everything, without the crazy traffic of the city.”

What are your favorite restaurants / activities for a date night? “Ohhh, this is a tough one. Depending on my mood, we love Stone House in Colleyville. The food is delicious, spectacular service and the most hospitable owner! A nightcap typically happens at either Jane or Harvest Hall.”

Are there any local traditions or events that you look forward to every year? “I love the Main Street Grapevine at Christmas! The lights, hustle & bustle of the shoppers, tourists, its certainly a highlight”

What initiatives or organizations in your community do you actively support or volunteer for? Grapevine Colleyville Southlake Mom’s League and MOPS Southlake at White’s Chapel both have had my heart since I moved to the community. These groups are so welcoming and supportive, and will get you plugged in to all the things when you move, no matter your season of life. They give back to the community in so many more ways than one and enable your children to learn the gift of volunteering.”

You have 5 mins to go pick up a gift for someone, where are you shopping? “Definitely The Gift Bar! The ambiance, service and gifts are just the best! They have something for everyone.”