Island Kitchen's Roadmap to Success: Nantucket to Palm Beach

Picture this: a food truck rolling onto the scene, bringing with it not just delicious food, but an entire experience. Island Kitchen Catering is all about making life easy and stress-free.

They’ve mastered the art of full service catering – serving up simple, fresh, and oh-so-good food that captivates hearts wherever it goes.

Chef and owner, Patrick Ridge, has been wowing taste buds in Nantucket for eleven glorious seasons – racking up awards for Best Breakfast, Best Brunch, and Best Caterer along the way.

They have now completed two successful seasons in Palm Beach, bringing their trademark style and flavor to the sunshine state.

The IK Way: Exceptional food & drink. World-class service. Flawless execution.

It’s not just a mantra; it’s a promise.

Zach Cohen, the Director of Operations, embodies this commitment to excellence.

He gracious spared some time away from his busy schedule share with us their experience of expanding their business from Nantucket to Palm Beach.

In meeting Zach, you can’t help but be swept up in his infectious positivity, work ethic, and dedication to providing the best for their clients.

Why expand to Palm Beach?

For Island Kitchen, the answer lied in the overlap of clients and community support who have become more like family for Patrick and the Island Kitchen team.

The expansion to Palm Beach was driven by their client’s demand for their exceptional catering services year round.

With Island Kitchen’s financial investor calling Palm Beach home, along with many of their Nantucket regulars they were fortunate to have a strong foundation in Palm Beach.

“Three years ago, Patrick, who founded Island Kitchen, and I came down to Palm Beach and fell in love with it,” said Zach.

There is nothing Patrick won’t do for his loyal clients and that includes setting up shop in the sunshine state!

Summers in Nantucket and Winters in Palm Beach?

Now that’s the good life!

It’s gotten just a bit sweeter now that you can enjoy hosting stress free events with Island Kitchen Catering.

How did they do it?! Expanding from Nantucket to Palm Beach may seem like a daunting task, but for Island Kitchen, it was a smooth sail.

According to Zach, there are intricacies in both markets but fortunately, there wasn’t a drastic overhaul of operations for their business.

The greatest adjustment, which they tackled with strategic planning, was navigating the expansive range of events across South Florida, traveling between Miami and Stuart. In Nantucket, they could be at five events in a night, but in Palm Beach, they cover multiple zip codes in a single day!

For entrepreneurs eyeing a similar expansion, Zach offers valuable advice: align yourself with the right people, hone your craft, and understand the high expectations of the clientele.

“I’ve been very, very lucky to learn from Patrick,” said Zach.

He continues to say, “I couldn’t express my gratitude more than being able to learn under his tutelage because he really is the entrepreneur of the group.”

Patrick’s culinary genius and the IK team’s exceptional service form the bedrock of Island Kitchen Catering. Zach emphasizes the importance of adaptation by adding, “If you do not continue to adjust your business model, grow, and change, then you’re going to be left behind.”

And when it comes to meeting those high expectations, Zach knows the drill:

“The expectations of clients both in Palm Beach and Nantucket are probably the greatest in the world.” He continues to say, “These are the 1% of the 1% and could do anything or hire anyone that they choose. They are looking for the best and you have to be sure you hit those expectations.”

Island Kitchen Catering is not just serving up food; they’re serving up an experience – a flawless experience.

We’re so glad Patrick and Zach fell in love with Palm Beach because we fell in love with Island Kitchen!

You know Stacey Leuliette – the owner and editor of TSG Nantucket, Palm Beach, Hamptons, and Jupiter/PBG. The woman has impeccable taste!

When it came to selecting a caterer for The Scout Guide Palm Beach’s Vol 12 Launch Party back in January, it was a simple decision. She went with Island Kitchen Catering.

And we can assure you – it was absolute culinary bliss!

Your event can have the most glamourous decor and top-notch entertainment but if the food isn’t delicious and the service isn’t on point, it kills the vibe!

That’s why we, at The Scout Guide, choose Island Kitchen Catering!

Cheers to good food, good vibes, and the good life!

For more information on Island Kitchen Catering, check out their website and Instagram:


Nantucket Instagram: @iknantucket

Palm Beach Instagram: @ikcateringpalmbeach