Style & Success: Stacey Leuliette’s Story as Owner and Editor of The Scout Guide

Meet Stacey Leuliette, the owner and editor of The Scout Guide Palm Beach, Nantucket, Hamptons, and Jupiter/Palm Beach Gardens markets.

To know Stacey, is to love Stacey!

She has not only brought our communities together but elevated small and local businesses in the process.

Her impact goes far beyond the pages of The Scout Guide. Stacey’s enthusiasm, positivity, and knowledge for branding/marketing have made her an invaluable resource for businesses.

With her exquisite taste and keen eye for style, she has created a platform that showcases the very best our communities have to offer.

Stacey’s tagline, “See you around town,” isn’t a just a catchphrase, it’s a promise. You will certainly see Stacey bouncing around as she is always on the go! Connecting with local entrepreneurs, attending philanthropic events, and sharing the best of Palm Beach society!  

Just last month, Stacey hosted two fabulous launch parties for The Scout Guide – one in Palm Beach and the other in Jupiter. True to her signature style and “live, love, local” motto – Stacey seamlessly brought together and celebrated the wonderful small businesses in South Florida.

Without further ado, let us introduce you to Stacey Leuliette!

TSG: As you reflect on your past five years as the owner and editor of The Scout Guide Palm Beach, what would you say has been the most rewarding aspect of your journey?

Stacey Leuliette: The people we’ve met and the experiences across the past 5 years have really meant the most to me. The Palm Beach market has grown incredibly over the past five years. It’s been so fun to watch the guide grow, and the area grow!

I see the same for my other markets too! Just to see how they’ve expanded as a result of the connection from The Scout Guide. There is so much overlap between Palm Beach, Hamptons, Nantucket, and Jupiter. It’s a really nice, complete market with all four guides.

TSG: The launch party for The Scout Guide Palm Beach Volume 12 at The Royal Poinciana Plaza was a glamorous affair! We’re eager to hear all the juicy details! Can you tell us about your special night and share the reasons behind selecting The Royal as the location for this fabulous event!

Stacey Leuliette: We do a big launch party every year when we launch a new guide. Just because of the nature of my business we’ve done 15 launches in five years, which is more than any other editor. It’s so much fun to see how they’ve been different over the years and it’s always fun to plan! Our launch is like a celebration of our new edition where we can get all the members together. We just want to create a special night that is very much in keeping with the community and vibe. My Palm Beach launch is very different from my Nantucket launch. We really spend a lot of time thinking about the right location and the best fit for the guide. This year’s Palm Beach launch party was very special because it marks my five year anniversary as editor almost to the exact date! It was really fun to bring it back to The Royal where I took over as editor. It was a really special night. 

The Royal has been a very good, loyal partner for many years. It’s an iconic part of Palm Beach history. It also represents ‘the new’ of what’s coming to Palm Beach. WS Development reimagined that property, but also kept the integrity and the historic beauty of the architecture. We wanted to celebrate that, and it felt like the right place to do it!

TSG: You were recently recognized by Modern Luxury as one of Palm Beach County’s Top 25 Changemakers along icons like Iris Apfel!

As a dedicated advocate for the arts, you have played a major role in the Detroit Institute of Arts, where you served as a Founders Junior Council Member and Event Chair for their largest annual fundraiser. You also contributed significantly to the Norton Museum of Art as an Event Chair and member of the Communications Committee. Your love for the arts extends to culture and historical engagement as a Contemporaries Member for The Society of the Four Arts and memberships in the Nantucket Historical Association and the Palm Beach Historical Society.

You have a big heart for the environment and animals as well! You have actively participated in The Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League as a Board Member, Junior Board Chair & Event Chair, Loggerhead Marine Life Center as an Event Co-chair, and the Everglades Foundation as the Palm Beach Chapter Chair.

Residents of the Palm Beach community benefit from your presence in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Center for Family Services, the Hanley Foundation, and the Alliance for Eating Disorders.  You were even nominated for Woman of the Year, once as an All Star Candidate for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!

We are so impressed and inspired by you! Can you share more about ­­­your involvement in the Palm Beach community?

Stacey Leuliette: That was such an honor. Palm Beach has always been a second home for me and my family. I moved here full time about 11 years ago, but I’ve been coming here since I was little. In this role as an editor, I have hands on a lot of things. This community is so important to me. I love the people here. I love the history here. As new people come, I want to share and make sure they know where they’re moving to. This is such a special little slice of paradise. My parents have always instilled in me from a young age that it’s important to give back to the community that’s given so much to you. This community has been so wonderful to me, especially over my time as editor of The Scout Guide. The Scout Guide gives me a nice platform to be a voice for those causes that are near and dear to my heart. I do this as a cheerful giver because it helps to strengthen our community. I was so touched when Modern Luxury reached out to me because it means so much to be recognized by another editor and another publication. I have really good relationships with all the editors in town because I’m always more about community and collaboration over competition. I say, “There’s enough sunshine on the island for everybody!” 

TSG: Your ability to consistently discover the very best local business, weather in interior design, fashion, real estate, or wellness, is truly remarkable. The seal of approval you grant through ‘Scouting’ small businesses holds significant weight in our community. Can you share the influences or experiences that have helped you formulate your impeccable taste?

Stacey Leuliette: I’ve always had very strong opinions about things that I like! I developed a discerning eye when I was at Ralph Lauren. I was immersed in branding, consistency, directives, and presentation on a wide range of things at Ralph. I know that helped me open my own interior design business and my own store in Michigan. I love to share things that I love! It’s just my personality. I’m a very strong Leo and we can be very loud and passionate about things that are important to us. I love being a creative. I love being in that whole world! Also, thanks my father who has very good business acumen.

I have built a business on things that I love and helping other people share their stories. Sometimes people reach out to me about new brands, sometimes they are things that I found on my own, but I’m constantly looking for inspiration and constantly looking for what works and what doesn’t. 

I’ve been in marketing, branding, fashion, and interior design pretty much my whole career in different roles. I feel like it’s only natural for me to gravitate towards brands that are going to perform well. People come to me all the time with new ideas or new concepts that they’re working on. I think what sets people apart is their passion and drive. It’s good design and it’s an understanding of that market overall because you can have a wonderful product but if you did not do the right launch or not have the right marketing, it can completely fall off the page. If you have the right tools and the right people that are connected to your brand, it can take off in a wonderful way! 

TSG: What fueled your passion to expand from your first love, The Scout Guide Nantucket to owning 3 more iconic markets – Palm Beach, Hamptons, and Jupiter/Palm Beach Gardens?

Stacey Leuliette: I feel very lucky to be a part of The Scout Guide. I really adore and respect our founders, Susie Matheson and Christie Ford. I love what they created. I expanded my markets because I love sharing other people’s businesses. Small business is really the backbone of our economy. It accounts for 99% of all businesses in the country so it’s a huge market. They were so deeply affected during the pandemic. I feel like in the years coming out of that our voice can be louder than ever. We can really shine a light on the small businesses that need the attention and growth. Maybe they don’t have the biggest voice on their own, which is why they come to the Scout Guide – for answers, for inspiration, for community, and for a network. 

First and foremost, The Scout Guide is a community. The guide itself is just a part of what we do. We act as a value-added marketing arm for our businesses to share their story, to get exposure, connect them with the right people, and to gain editorial coverage. What started as a print guide has now grown to a massive network across the country. Now we’re in 85 markets. We just opened The Scout Guide Wellington down here too. 

TSG: As a Michigan native with the world at your fingertips, you chose to call Palm Beach home. What drew you to Palm Beach?

Stacey Leuliette: We split our time between Nantucket and Palm Beach. Palm Beach has always been a second home for me, and it was a no-brainer to move down here because there were opportunities here. I love Michigan and I’ll always be a Midwestern at heart. But I felt drawn to the sunshine. My family has been here for forever and then a good family friend took me up to Nantucket about ten years ago. I’ve been going up there ever since. My boyfriend (David-William Coffin) is from Nantucket, born and raised. We like to split our time between here and there.

TSG: We adore you and can’t wait to see what you do next! What do you see unfolding in your next fabulous five years?!

Stacey Leuliette: Growth in the digital space! My goal when I took over the Palm Beach Guide was to expand the digital footprint. We have grown over 22% every year with our email lists, followers, and subscribers. We’ve taken the business in a digital way because I feel like that is the future of our brand. We have plans at Leuliette Media to start taking things to the next level. We plan to really expand this brand for the young, modern users because we want to make sure that we’re keeping up with the times. So, it’s really been a wonderful point of growth and we’re going to do more. 

Also, my boyfriend and I are going to travel quite a bit the season. We have a couple of trips planned because we’re going to start introducing some travel pieces. That’s really where I get a lot of my inspiration. When I see something new, get out of my comfort zone, change the scenery for a little bit, and look at things in a different way, it takes me to a spot where I can create and grow. 

See you around town!