Beautiful Inside and Out: Pure Skin Palm Beach

How lucky are we to live this charmed life in Palm Beach? Biking along Lake Trail, world-class golfing, shopping on Worth Ave, alfresco dining year round – all along our pristine beaches.

But living the good life under the Florida sun can take its toll on our skin – premature aging, pigmentation issues, deep expression lines, to name a few!

Jennifer Gowdy, the owner of Pure Skin Palm Beach, gave us the lowdown on how to maintain that youthful glow while living it up in Palm Beach!

She dished out the secrets behind her med spa’s unique approach to aesthetics and wellness.

The Pure Skin Palm Beach journey begins with a personalized consultation – and we’re not talking about your typical five-minute chat.

Oh no! Jennifer takes a full 40-60 minutes to discuss your wellness and skincare goals. She breaks down which treatments address the cause of aging vs those that treat the symptoms of aging.

Have you ever spent that much time with your dermatologist?

Well, get ready to be pampered because Pure Skin Palm Beach is all about making you feel valued. 

As a true expert in the field of aesthetics, Jennifer is dedicated to helping clients achieve the results they want. No cookie-cutter treatments here!

She’s all about guiding you on a personalized path because, as she so wisely put it, “What’s best for your best friend, may not be the best for you.”

From the magic of BBL (Broad Band Light treatment), biostimulators, and microneedling, to the transformative power of PDO threads or a special touch of cosmetic fillers and a sprinkling of Botox – they’ve got the whole package.

But what combination is right for you? Jennifer will provide a tailored treatment plan, ensuring your investment helps you shine brighter than ever before!

At Pure Skin Palm Beach, it’s not just about the exterior appearance of your skin. Wellness is a priority here too!

“You get that glow from the inside out,” said Jennifer. “Functional medicine is about being optimized and being the best version of yourself.”

Hold on to your hat – they even conduct on-site lab work with a dedicated wellness team, including Jennah Siegel, ARNP and a medical assistant/ phlebotomist.

Bloodwork panels every six months? Yes, please! Inflammatory markers, vitamin D, cholesterol, hormones like cortisol – because stress levels matter!

Did you know women’s hormones start to change in their mid-thirties? Pure Skin Palm Beach evaluates everything from adrenal fatigue to estrogen dominance and more.

And for younger women, they’re not just observers; actively scanning for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) markers is crucial. These markers impact overall hormonal balance, reproductive health, and body weight. 

They even do weight loss panels and have nutritional coaching because connecting the dots and going the extra mile is what they do!

Ever wondered why some people get amazing results with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) microneedling (hello, vampire facial), while others don’t? Well, Pure Skin Palm Beach doesn’t play guessing games. They run blood samples to ensure the quality of your PRP is top-notch – because not all PRP is created equal!

And let’s not forget the VIP treatment! Pure Skin Palm Beach is a concierge boutique med spa.

You’re receiving the best treatments from the best practitioners.

“We have elite clients with elite customer service,” Jennifer affirms. “My cell is on my business card and provided to all clients.”

Extended service times, top-tier practitioners, a super friendly team dedicated to attentiveness, and curated luxury brands – count me in!

“I pride myself on results and happy patients,” she added.

Jennifer even hosted a Gratitude Luncheon at Hive and two yacht parties aboard the M/S Serenity last year to celebrate with her much loved clients.

Let’s be real, who wouldn’t be over the moon with that kind of treatment?!

Driving Pure Skin Palm Beach with her infectious passion, Jennifer is an exceptional leader. She invests in her team, providing funding and days off for continual medical and aesthetic education, ensuring all practitioners are up to date with the latest technologies and techniques.

With a focus on growth, the spa is expanding its space in April of 2024, taking over an additional 800 square feet within their current building to accommodate three ARNPs, three estheticians, and of course Dr. Nolan!  

This expansion isn’t just about having a little more elbow room; it’s about having more services at your fingertips!

Vascular treatments, Renuva, and here’s the real jaw-dropper – 360 degree neck treatments.

That’s right – they’re treating all the way around the neck, ensuring you look fabulous from all angles – front, side, and behind. No other med spa does it quite like this! 

But it doesn’t stop there! Pure Skin Palm Beach is gearing up for a new chapter with the construction of a gorgeous building one block west of the Palm Beach Yacht Club on Olive Ave. It’s scheduled to open in the fall of 2025 – we’ll keep you posted!

Whether you’re a bride-to-be, re-evaluating your self-care regimen, rocking the flirty thirties, or embracing the sensational seventies, Pure Skin Palm Beach is here to make you feel like the best version of yourself!

Jennifer Gowdy sums it up perfectly with this tagline, “Restoration and renewal of a more youthful, confident, and NATURAL YOU!”

It’s a beauty revolution, and we’re here for it!

Stay chic and refreshed in the world of aesthetics by learning more on Pure Skin Palm Beach’s website and Instagram @pureskinpalmbeach.

Written by TSG Palm Beach Contributing Editor, Jana Piragic.