The WOW Factor: Flowers and Events by Renny & Reed

Have you heard about Renny & Reed? Think of the most fabulous, unforgettable event you’ve attended in Palm Beach – chances are Renny & Reed were behind it!

With their reputation for excellence, they are undoubtedly the go-to for floral design and events, not only in Palm Beach but worldwide.

It all began with Renny Reynolds, who was the floral guru of New York’s Studio 54 era with clientele like Giorgio Armani and Diana Ross. Talk about being the floral hotshot for A-listers!

In 2000, Renny’s nephew, Reed McIlvaine, joined the company and added a fresh, refined vibe to the mix.

For the past two decades, Reed has been at the helm as President of Renny & Reed where he not only sustained the company’s impressive trajectory but propelled them to the global stage.  

What sets Renny & Reed apart? Their ability to create experiences that are as unique as you are!

We at The Scout Guide are obsessed with Renny & Reed!

Why? They are simply the best! The crème de la crème!

They transformed The Royal Poinciana Plaza last month for The Scout Guide Palm Beach Vol 12 Launch Party!

Renny & Reed nailed Stacey Leuliette’s vision – Pink with Palm Beach Palms!

It was perfection!

Weddings, galas, private celebrations – they create the most incredible, exquisite, and breathtaking events!

Their artistry turns special occasions into opulent experiences, with show-stopping floral installations, lavish custom linens, dramatic tabletop designs, furniture rentals, floor plans, and mesmerizing lighting designs.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Mr. Reed McIlvaine to uncover the secrets of Renny & Reed’s legacy!

Renny & Reed has been a leader in event design for decades. When asked what elements are crucial to making their events truly one-of-a-kind experiences for their clients, Reed said:

Renny & Reed has always focused on treating each event as a unique, custom representation of our client and the aesthetic or vibe they’re looking to create. Our success begins in our ability to connect and understand our client’s needs- sometimes this can be a process while other times we understand their vision in the first ten minutes! As we curate a look for each client, we strive to incorporate design elements that are new to us, a move that creates a fresh perspective for all. Beyond what we’re hearing from our client’s, we also always ‘listen’ to what the character of each venue is saying to us – do we have massive scale that we need to understand in order to create intimacy; are there lines or tones in the room that will help to define the style of tabletop; are we immersed in nature where we want to celebrate our surroundings and bring the outdoors in to the tent? 

So much thought is put into this meticulous process! Yet, when you step into an event by Renny & Reed, it’s like witnessing pure magic!

The legacy of Renny & Reed is studded with spectacular events from the iconic Studio 54 days to the most sought-after social functions of today. Reed graciously shared some memorable moments that have helped shape the exceptional reputation of Renny & Reed:

I have always appreciated the diversity of design and approach that is our body of work over the years. Our consistency has been quality product and execution alongside strong personal connection with our clients, while our designs have always flourished among a spectrum of categories ranging from classic garden to contemporary, modern, whimsical, etc. From Studio 54 to the White House, we approach every event with the same attention to detail and focus on achieving a wow moment. We have consistently represented our work in a diverse portfolio of locations, from yachts in Sardinia, estates in Beverly Hills, mountains of Wyoming, beaches of the Bahamas, Lakes of Italy, ballrooms of NYC and Palm Beach and backyards of Greenwich!

It’s clear they’ve always stayed true to their commitment to quality and creating unforgettable moments – no matter the setting!

The success and global reach of Renny & Reed is undoubtedly a collaborative effort. Reed shed light on the collaborative spirit at Renny & Reed:

The Renny & Reed team thrives off our collaborative experience – this is not a work from home job! Our headquarters on Georgia Avenue is constantly overflowing with visual stimuli and our team is constantly looking to re-invent props from the past as well as incorporating new, impactful design elements in our inventory. We’re also constantly fabricating custom pieces such as bars, band backdrops, stage fronts, photo moments, etc. Our highly creative and experienced design team truly leans into each other’s opinions and works together to develop the very best concept possible!

Renny & Reed is continually re-defining luxury events!

The natural beauty of flowers paired with the innovation and expertise of Renny & Reed, leaves a lasting impression.

For brides dreaming of a fairy tale wedding, Renny & Reed makes dreams come true.

Creating a day, you will cherish for all the days of your life.   

Here at The Scout Guide, we sure love flower power! And Renny & Reed never cease to amaze us – leaving us in awe time and time again!  

Get ready to be WOWED by checking out their portfolio online or follow along on Instagram @rennyandreed.

Written by TSG Palm Beach Contributing Editor, Jana Piragic.