Designing Paradise: Meg Braff’s Custom Wallpaper and Fabric

When it comes to decorating your home, nothing quite captivates the heart like custom wallpapers and fabrics.

And let me tell you, our recent experience at Meg Braff Designs has left us breathless!

From the moment you step into their showroom, you are transported to Palm Beach HEAVEN – a paradise of exquisite fabrics, wallpapers, pillows, décor, and so much more!

We were absolutely enamored by the stunning selection of wallpapers and fabrics at Meg Braff Designs.

So how do you get your hands on these gorgeous designs?

Here’s the lowdown: either coordinate through your personal interior designer (they get that professional discount!) or contact Meg Braff Designs directly to schedule an appointment with one of their design consultants.

Gone are the days when custom designs are exclusive to interior designers – Meg Braff Designs generously extends this luxury to all.

Share your color palette, vision boards, and inspo pics with their team of experts, who will meticulously craft a selection tailored to your unique aesthetic and vision.

Now, let’s talk about the fabrics – oh, the fabrics!            

You have a plethora of options to choose from, including cotton/linen blend, heavyweight cotton, lightweight linen, silk matka, silk taffeta, and outdoor poly suncloth.

Each fabric exudes its own charm and functionality.

And when it comes to wallpaper, the choices are equally exquisite!

From standard wallpaper to mylar paper and grasscloth – each option is a work of art!

Trust us, these printed grasscloth wallpapers come out looking hand-painted – they are absolutely stunning!

And that mylar paper! It will take your bathroom or dressing room to the next level – they are oh SO glamorous!

What truly sets Meg Braff Designs apart is their offerings for customization.

You have the power to choose – it’s all about crafting a space that reflects YOU!

Pick your favorite design, colors, and material then prepare to witness your space burst into life with perfectly coordinated patterns and hues!

The possibilities are ENDLESS!

With these wallpapers and fabrics, coordination is key – mixing and matching designs and color palettes to your heart’s content!

And the best part?

All fabrics and wallpapers are printed right here in the USA, ensuring a speedy turnaround time – now that’s convenience!

Let’s talk COLOR – oh, those gorgeous, rich colors!

Whether you’re drawn to the crisp whites of a coastal retreat or the bold shades of a tropical paradise, Meg Braff Designs offers a curated selection to suit every taste.

We at The Scout Guide absolutely LOVE color – and Meg Braff Designs does it right!

If you’re looking to stay on trend, you’ll be happy to know Meg Braff stays ahead of the curve by releasing new designs twice a year and constantly creating new color strike-offs of her current designs!

Yellow and white are particularly hot right now.

And we are officially obsessed – bring on more of that glorious sunny yellow!

But the magic doesn’t stop at fabrics and wallpapers with Meg Braff Designs…

We could not take our eyes off their expansive back patio boasting McKinnon and Harris furniture!

This furniture withstands the elements that come with the privilege of living by the ocean. McKinnon and Harris pieces are the epitome of style and durability, never rusting and lasting a last time!

We are so impressed by Meg Braff Design’s range of offerings but what left a lasting impression was the wonderful experience we had there.

The design consultants were incredibly welcoming, attentive, and true experts in interior design.

And Meg Braff herself exudes warmth, hospitality, and genuine joy.

We left feeling inspired and in awe of Meg and her dream team!

So, whether you’re revamping your entire home or just adding a pop of color to your guest room, Meg Braff Designs has everything you need to create the most gorgeous custom living space.

Trust us, once you experience the magic of Meg Braff Designs, you’ll never look back!

For a closer look at their exquisite collections check out their website and Instagram @megbraffdesigns.

Written by TSG Palm Beach Contributing Editor, Jana Piragic.