Top 10 Local Businesses That Made Our Mardi Gras

“We’re Back!” It’s an expression you heard just as frequently as “Throw Me Something!” or “Happy Mardi Gras!” on the streets of New Orleans these past two weeks. Lots of pent-up energy flooded the streets in the best possible way to help everyone refill their cup of life. Every year I ride in Iris, and I always say it’s the only day all year when I smile ear to ear all day long. I think I smiled ear to ear for 10 days straight.

We first must thank the weather gods for making it merry and bright, and then the first responders, especially our sanitation workers, the Krewes, the school bands, and then the countless local businesses that worked overtime to bring smiles to our faces. Here are a few that helped to make Mardi Gras 2022 the best for me.

1. Alligator Eyes – I first learned of Alligator Eyes on the St. Charles Avenue parade route during the first weekend of Carnival when everyone but me was wearing cutely decorated sunglasses. Lucky for me, I had time before my ride in Iris the following Saturday to sneak by and snag a few pairs for throws (perfect for the non-Mardi Gras crafter like me). I also scored a drumstick-on-a-chain and made my father a very happy man.

2. Tartine – My favorite King Cake in the city is from Tartine. Located conveniently around the corner from my house, it’s one of my favorite places for breakfast or lunch, as it is also always a request from my houseguests. Everything on the menu is absolutely fantastic, but fan favorites are the quiche, scones, and the bean salad.

3. Pascal Manale’s – Another houseguest request is Pascal Manale’s. Since we’re sans children, we sneak away during the Friday nighttime parades and belly up to the oyster bar with Uptown T. It makes us so happy.

4. KreweCar – We may not have utilized the car seats, but we are grateful to KreweCar—and our favorite driver, Roland—for safely transporting us to and from the festivities.

5. Galatoire’s 33 – The place to kick off the festivities on Locals Day in the French Quarter.

6. Sparkle City – Somehow I always seem to be the girl lacking the purple, green, and gold clothing, so at the last minute, I picked up the perfect festive Mardi Gras jacket from Sparkle City. My closet is now quickly filling with lavender, neon, and yellow to represent our TSG brand colors this spring! And my sister’s cute “Alma” (that’s her nickname) jacket is from New Orleans-native-now-living-in-Dallas Jessica Dale’s Label It All.

7. Henry’s Uptown Bar – The best hang out for after our Iris ride.

8. Roots of Music – While technically a nonprofit, they were a part of our TSG family last year, and it was pure joy to see and hear them parading back on the streets

9. The Chloe – For providing a brief moment of peace and quiet when we needed it on the parade route.

10. Popeye’s – This New Orleans-born Mardi Gras staple eluded me on the parade route, so it was simply a miracle when it was delivered to my doorstep by DoorDash on Mardi Gras evening for my last supper.

Thank you to all of the local businesses that made my Mardi Gras fantastic!!! There are indeed too many to list!! Until next year!!!