Waterbury House: Home Sweet Luxurious Home

An aerial view of Waterbury House in the West Lake Neighborhood of Minneapolis Minnesota

Waterbury House isn’t just any Minneapolis apartment building, it’s a neighborhood, only this neighborhood inhabits a unique, luxury residence. Its triangular shape, perfectly positioned at 3012 Excelsior Boulevard in the West Lake Neighborhood, an up and coming micro neighborhood in Minneapolis, demands attention and yields breathtaking, sweeping views of the city. Inside this stunning 72 home state-of-the-art community you’ll find high-end living and a village of other locals with a taste for the finer things. You’ll also find premium concierge service, a rooftop yoga lawn, and a CarMatrix in the underground parking lot. Yep, you read that right. Waterbury House’s goal? For its residents to live like they’re in a hotel, without living in a hotel. So stop your search, put down your pen, and take a seat. You’ll want to read this.      

Who is Waterbury House?

An aerial view of the rooftop patio at Waterbury House in the West Lake Neighborhood of Minneapolis overlooking Lake Bde Maka Ska.

The visionaries behind Waterbury House are developers, hospitality professionals, restaurateurs, and architecture and design savants. When coming together to bring their vision to life, they all agreed on the importance of offering a housing arrangement that included the comforts and luxuries of home, provided in an elevated way, topped off with urban living for people with similar lifestyles. Above all, they value community and it shows. They thoughtfully and frequently organize events and activities to promote collaboration and cohesiveness among residents to create an environment where everyone feels right at home. 

What is Waterbury House? 

An interior photo of a luxurious living room in Waterbury House.

Waterbury House is a stylish collection of upscale apartment homes elegantly wrapped in the shiniest package under the tree in the West Lake micro neighborhood of Minneapolis. Each of the 72 homes within Waterbury House is different from the other, but what they all have in common is the opulence they emit when you step inside. In keeping with their mission of building community within their community, welcome to The Waterbury Club! These classy boutique facilities were made for a king or queen and have been designed to raise the bar on modern living. A luxurious pool deck with a hot tub and covered cabanas, a fitness center with floor to ceiling windows, outdoor lounges with fire tables and TVs, a yoga lawn, pet spa and lawn, and a golf simulator! Why would you ever leave? Not to mention a restaurant and bar that is set to open in January 2024 so you can indulge morning ‘til night and, due to its proximity to trails and the lakes, they conveniently offer complimentary water ‘toys’ and bikes for their residents’ use. But don’t let the rooftop pool and outdoor dining fool you into thinking Waterbury House is only vibrant in the warmer months. You can cozy up in front of a fire pit with a glass of wine while the leaves change colors, or strap on snowshoes and embark on frozen Lake of the Isles before you can say, “Baby it’s cold outside.” Waterbury House is a hot spot all four seasons long and every day offers a new adventure. 

Where is Waterbury House?

An aerial view of Waterbury House in the West Lake Neighborhood overlooking downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota and Lake Bde Maka Ska.

If you’re standing at the apex of this piece of art, look left and you’ll see the Minneapolis skyline. Slowly begin turning… first you’ll find views of St. Paul, then Bde Maka Ska, and lastly the western suburbs. This structure, styled after the historic Flatiron Building of 1902 in Manhattan, was strategically situated in arguably the most walkable area for ease and convenience of its residents. Here you’ll get the best of both worlds, urban living with Mother Nature’s beauty surrounding you. Within steps you will find Rustica Bakery, Whole Foods and Midtown Greenway access. Waterbury House wants their residents to believe, if they don’t already, that Minneapolis is the greatest city, and they’ll prove it with the culture and fun right at their fingertips. The excited energy around Waterbury House is palpable. As you approach, anticipation will build but once you set your gaze upon the sleek glass garage doors and see the high-tech CarMatrix in action, you’ll feel at ease, and awe-struck, and ready to take a tour, visit a friend, or carry a couple grocery bags to your unit. 

Live beautifully, belong to a strong community, and celebrate elegance and refinement. At Waterbury House, settling into the city life meets urban charm has never been so easy (and absolutely gorgeous). They’d love to get to know you, be of service to you, and welcome you home. 

For questions and to schedule a tour, visit their website: https://waterburyhousempls.com/