Meet the Member: ADŌR - Bespoke Homes

Alt text: A smiling couple standing in a cozy living room featuring modern decor with an emphasis on neutral tones and natural textures, representing an aesthetic that could be featured in The Scout Guide. They are positioned in front of a stone fireplace with a mounted flat-screen TV, flanked by floating wooden shelves displaying books and decorative items. The space is furnished with a combination of upholstered armchairs, a plush sofa, and elegant accessories that complement the home's inviting ambiance.

Todd Simning has been a go-getter from the beginning, starting his business, ADŌR Bespoke Homes, when he was a senior in high school. Since then the company has notably evolved, but what hasn’t changed is Todd’s strong work ethic and the passion he has for his clients, the people he works with, and his family. We’re thrilled to introduce you to Todd, and ADŌR Bespoke Homes, in the most recent release of our Meet the Member series! If you’re in the market for a new bespoke home, you don’t want to miss learning about the dedication behind each project this talented and professional team takes on. And if you’re in the market for a new lunch date location or annual family tradition (where you get to drive your family crazy, Todd says!), read on.

Tell us the story of how you started your business – include your mission statement, when you started your business, and the inspiration behind it.

I started the business when I was still a senior in college after obtaining my real estate license and shortly thereafter, my builders license. I have always loved real estate, and in particular new construction. Our business has evolved greatly in its 30 plus years, but when we rebranded 5 years ago I wanted to get back to more personal communication with our clients. This means we are only building 6 to 10 bespoke homes per year, which allows us to live by my motto of “build super cool homes for super cool people and good things will happen!”

What services or products do you offer?

We offer a personalized team of professionals to create new bespoke homes for our clients. We love teaming up with creative architects and interior designers who help make the overall process fun and distinctive to our clients.

What sets your business apart from your competition?

We’re not just a business that builds homes – we are a true partner for our clients and are committed to be good stewards of their investment. This requires us to be completely transparent and our subtrades to be transparent as well. If our clients have a question or are looking for more information, we encourage them to ask questions not only of us, but also of the people working on their home. I don’t think there’s anything more powerful for our clients to have this honesty and trust in all aspects of the building process.

Does your business give back to the community? If so, what nonprofits are you involved in?

Our professional organization, Housing First Minnesota, is a big part of our commitment to the community to help reduce homelessness. We are also big contributors to veteran issues.  

Who is your ideal client?

Fun people! Someone you’d want to hang out with on the lake on a Saturday!

What is your favorite part of being a business owner?

The freedom to be outside checking out our homes under construction.

Why did you choose to have your business in Minneapolis/St.Paul?

I grew up here and still haven’t moved more than 5 miles from where my mom still lives.

Besides your own hard work, who would you thank for the success of your business?

Our trade partners and professionals we work with every day. They are so committed to helping not only us, but our clients, in making the best decisions to enhance their living space. And for sure, my family. They know that dad works every day but he’s still been there for everything.

Next up, some fun questions!

You’re entertaining guests from out of town, where are you taking them and why?

Out on the boat on Lake Minnetonka. It’s such a wonderful place to relax and communicate – everyone loves being on the water!

Favorite hotel? What do you love about it?

The new Four Seasons – it’s so sophisticated.

Where’s your favorite place to dine out for brunch or lunch?

My wife and I have a standing lunch date every Friday at Hazelwood in Tonka Bay. This seems to be where we start the weekend!

Where do you like to spend your Happy Hour?

At home – we have such a comfortable space there, it’s hard to beat – and it’s great for entertaining!

Which restaurants are perfect for date night and why?

Manny’s and Gianni’s – classic martinis, good food, and great atmosphere to hang out and chill.

Name 2 or 3 of your favorite places to shop in Minneapolis and why you love them so much.

Oh boy – believe it or not, I don’t shop. I’m terrible at it!

What is your favorite outdoor activity in Minneapolis in the summer? Winter?

Boating and golf in the summer, snowmobiling in the winter.

What is your favorite MUST do annual event in Minneapolis?

The Turkey Trot and 4th of July 10K  – I got the family involved in them and I just love the time spent together. I talk to the family the entire time and drive them crazy, although I’m not running as fast as I once did.

When you’re not working, when you have the day all to yourself, what would you be doing?

I can’t tell you the last time I’ve had a day to myself – I’m not sure what I would do – but I do a good job of balancing things in general. There’s so much I love to do, it just depends on the time of year.

What is the best part of living in Minneapolis/St. Paul?

The seasons! I love each season for what it is – there’s so much to do during each of them. It’s like a new series of events every 3 months or so.

Business Name: ADŌR – Bespoke Homes

Contact: Todd Simning

Business Phone Number: 612-590-8099