A Storybook Success: Soundwoven Goods

A woman with curly blonde hair dressed in a green shirt meticulously arranges items on a wooden table in a bright, art-filled workshop, conveying an aesthetic that aligns with The Scout Guide's celebration of local businesses and artisans.

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Stories have played a pivotal role in inspiring and shaping Soundwoven Goods, a locally woman-owned business in Minneapolis, so we think that it’s only appropriate to tell its story. 

Once upon a time, in June of 2023, Sarah Lawrence, a self-taught fiber artist (fine art which consists of natural or synthetic fibers) launched Soundwoven Goods, her self-proclaimed passion project, after years of travel and research. For a time, throughout her adventures, she lived in Seattle and connected with numerous artists and store owners and thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun to have a small business like this?” Things happened very quickly, the perfect space opened in a neighborhood that has proven to be incredibly supportive, and only a few months after signing the lease, the doors to this charming boutique filled with thoughtfully sourced items opened. “I’m excited about everything we have in the store and online,” and when you step in and come face to face with the vibrant colors, contemporary styles, Sarah’s inviting nature, and the wide variety of artists showcased, you will also be excited. Very excited.

Because these storied goods are so important to her and to the Soundwoven Goods brand, Sarah purchases directly from the maker whenever possible. Transparency is very important to her and so she enjoys, and deems it necessary, to be straightforward with her customers about the products she sells and who created them.  She wants the uniqueness of the products to be the highlight and shares that the majority of what she carries can’t be found anywhere else in the Twin Cities unless it’s locally made.

A tastefully decorated space highlighted by The Scout Guide aesthetics, featuring a clear vase with striped blue detailing sitting on a wooden surface, containing vibrant ranunculus flowers in shades of orange and pink. In the background, two framed artworks add a modern touch; one consists of a bold blue geometric design, and the other showcases an abstract pattern with blue accents and gold elements.

What will you find at Soundwoven Goods? Well, you’ll pretty much find it all, for all, which is another strong aspect of their tale; inclusivity and diversity. Within the walls of this feast for the eyes, you can fill your hands, or bags, with anything from a $4 sticker to a $1,000 piece of artwork. You’ll uncover items discovered by the connections with artists and makers Sarah has made throughout the years, all displayed on crisp white walls and clean tiered shelves. The atmosphere is heavy with Scandinavian design, pops of color, and items that inspire her. The pieces are timeless, made well, and will last a lifetime. And the message weaved throughout the plot of Soundwoven Goods’s story is that of strong values, front and center; making it easy for you to shop with your values front and center as well.  

Sarah delights in bringing joy, and color, into people’s homes, and she loves her customers, “They fill my cup and make me happy!” And there’s no doubt she does the same for them as well as her fellow makers. The saying, “You hold the pen that writes your life’s story; make it a bestseller” captures the essence of the narrative of Sarah Lawrence and Soundwoven Goods. This bestseller inspires, connects, and entertains, and as it grows it will continue to captivate and tell the beautiful stories of others.

And the pen Sarah’s using to write her story with? We have every confidence it will be the most unique and colorful, and will fit seamlessly into any home’s decor.  

The End

Find out more or shop Soundwoven Goods at https://soundwovengoods.com/