The Heartbeat of ONX + Amelia

ONX + Amelia partners are laughing, seated on a couch underneath a neon St. Paul sign in their St. Paul Yoga Studio.

ONX + Amelia, a fitness + yoga studio in Cathedral Hill in the heart of St. Paul is not just a place you go to sweat it out, socialize with your best yogi friends, or feel strong and empowered. Moreover, every time you walk past the sign that glows ‘St. Paul This is Where the Magic Happens’ in their foyer, you feel welcomed, and you fulfill one of your fundamental human needs: belonging. The driving force behind this warm (actually, more than warm, have you done Hot Yoga?) and fuzzy feeling is quite simple. It came about from a passion for cherished work, a love of community, and above all, deep respect, and friendship. The journey is ongoing, but their story is one for the books. Join us on your mat as we guide you through a practice of collaboration, mutual admiration, and really great yoga.

In 2017, Sophie Rupp decided to leave corporate life. She had been teaching fitness classes for 6 years on the side and loved coaching and leading classes. She was ready to say goodbye to her 9-5 job as an accountant and say hello to a studio of her own. She purchased Sparrow Studios in Eagan, used her accountant and teaching know-how to overhaul it, and it evolved into ONX. Incorporating the symbols of change into its name, ‘X’, which also means transformation and a crossing point – symbolic of community – ONX helped Sophie find her center again as she settled into her new role. This fitness and yoga sanctuary boasts a neon sign of its own which reads, ‘Your Day is About to Get Better,’ as if it could see into the future at what was in store for both ONX and Sophie.     

Amelia made a name for herself at CorePower Yoga, where she taught for more than 10 years. She built a robust virtual yoga business during the pandemic, and she’s a trained dance professional who led dance classes at a studio Sophie attended in her youth (and now owns). Sophie + Amelia Ruth’s paths crossed numerous times throughout the years spanning various avenues, and they had a lot in common! But Amelia and Sophie’s paths converged significantly during the pandemic when they reconnected and started taking regular walks together. “I always respected Sophie so much and admired her work building up her ONX business,” Amelia says lovingly. “We are very yin and yang,” and if you spend any time with the two you can see how they shine individually and how they absolutely glow together. When a studio in the Cathedral Hill neighborhood of St. Paul became available, Sophie and Amelia joined forces professionally and created ONX + Amelia, seemingly inspired by their newfound kin-like friendship. 

ONX + Amelia opened in September of 2021 bringing a small boutique-style yoga studio to a city that Sophie + Amelia feel at times gets overlooked. They both recognize St. Paul’s charming cozy small-town feel and are passionate about preserving neighborhoods like Cathedral Hill. Their goal, and if you ask any of their students, what they’ve already achieved, is to create a safe, non-competitive space for people to feel empowered to move their bodies. They want you to walk through their doors and on the other side, feel held, validated, and accepted for who you are and where you are in your yoga and fitness journey. 

This magical space has grown organically because Sophie + Amelia wholeheartedly care. They’ve created a genuine, inclusive community where lives are enriched, and students are allowed to grow. This powerful duo agrees that the success of their business falls on their relationship and they’re both committed to having a healthy one. Feels pretty on brand, doesn’t it? 

ONX + Amelia partners stand at their reception desk in their St. Paul Yoga Studio.

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