Meet the Member: Erica Suzanne Matchmaking

Erica Suzanne of Erica Suzanne Matchmaking stands in a hot pink dress in front of a red curtain and blows the camera a kiss

Nice to meet you! How do you do? It’s a pleasure! At The Scout Guide Minneapolis we beam with pride about our members. At every opportunity we want to acquaint you with them and shout from the rooftops just how amazing their business is, and more importantly, how amazing they are. This is why we created our Meet the Member interview. Feel empowered, gain inspiration, and have fun learning about the local businesses, and people, that breathe life and energy into Minneapolis. This month we ‘connect’ you with The Scout Guide Minneapolis member Erica Suzanne McKay, Manifestation Coach and founder of Erica Suzanne Matchmaking.

Tell us the story of how you started your business – include your mission statement, when you started your business, and the inspiration behind it.

I started in 1998 at a national dating service and fell in love with the concept of matchmaking. From there, I knew that I could tweak things and make it more my own to accomplish what clients needed, and so I started Love and Style in Stillwater in 1999. I was on KARE 11 as the resident dating expert, advertised in City Pages, and grew my business to what it is now, Erica Suzanne Matchmaking, which I started in 2017. My mission statement from the get go has been, “Connecting Good People with Good People” and that’s been my passion ever since. 

What sets your business apart from your competition?

My personalized service and my team. I have the world’s greatest scouts and connectors and again, a very personalized service. I’m the only one that works one-on-one with my clients. I’ve been in the business for over 25 years and with that experience, I’ve been able to speak to a lot of things, share a lot of stories, and help a lot of people. 

Who is your ideal client?

Someone that is open to the process, open to all opportunities in life, and is in a super amazing and happy space in their own life. It’s surprising that gender or age doesn’t really matter. My success has everything to do with where people are in their lives and their willingness to relinquish control and trust that good things will come to them.

What is your favorite part of being a business owner?

The flexibility and the ability to go wherever, whenever, to meet with whomever. 

Why did you choose to have your business in Minneapolis/St.Paul?

I had kids and a family here so that’s where I was at the time. There’s also nothing like Midwest people. Midwesterners are the salt of earth–very sweet, warm, welcoming, and down to earth. 

Besides your own hard work, who would you thank for the success of your business?

My team! We’ve worked together for quite some time. They’ve been with me from the beginning, They get me, they get the process, and we’re aligned in our values.

Let’s move on to what you love about Minnesota! You’re entertaining guests from out of town, where are you taking them and why?

Stillwater, the birthplace of Minnesota and my hometown. There’s so much history, stories, and lots to do. My favorite places to go are MatchStick or Melt Pizza Company

Where’s your favorite place to dine out for brunch or lunch?

I am a big cheeseburger girl, so I love Shamrocks in St. Paul.

Which restaurants are perfect for date night and why?

Restaurants where you can make reservations, that have a quiet atmosphere and are not too busy. Perhaps they have unique cocktails, a great wine list or delicious coffees because usually first dates are a ‘quick hitter’ instead of a long dinner. 

What is your favorite outdoor activity in Minneapolis in the summer? Winter?

Summer: Boating on the St. Croix River or walking around the lakes. Winter: Leaving and going to Florida or Arizona. 

When you’re not working, when you have the day all to yourself, what would you be doing?

I usually go on an adventure with my husband. We like to go to lunches, visit friends, try new places or spend time dreaming about our future endeavors.

What is the best part of living in Minneapolis/St. Paul?

The connections. Friendships run deep here and it’s really fun to run into people all over who we’re connected with and in turn are connected to others we happen upon. We continue to find that people in the Midwest are fun and easy to connect with.

Business Name: Erica Suzanne Matchmaking

Contact: Erica Suzanne McKay