Your February Scouted - Local Adventures for Indoor Winter Bliss

Your February Scouted graphic overlayed on top of a calendar and red Scout Guides surrounded by flower petals

This year, winter in Minnesota has left us scratching our confused heads and checking the forecast a little more obsessively than usual. Why aren’t our hands frozen and chapped? Where are the dreaded school closing alerts? Is that rain? Again? But winter lovers, do not despair! If we know one thing about The North Star State, it’s that winter will arrive, and on the days when it does decide to show its late-to-the-party, below zero mug, we want you to feel prepared with a list of fun and unique local indoor activities to enjoy. Because, as the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough head indoors for a cocktail and a little mini golf. 

SCOUTED | Bachman’s Floral & Garden

  • What they do: Bachman’s Floral & Garden is offering Goat Yoga at a few of their locations on Saturdays in January and February.  
  • Why we love it: Um, yoga with goats? Enough said. 
  • Bachman’s Floral and Gifts: Website | Instagram

SCOUTED | J. Carver Distillery

  • What they do: Make a Saturday Craft Cocktail Table Reservation to sip on finely crafted cocktails in their stylish and inviting cocktail lounge. 
  • Why we love it: Welcoming hospitality and elevated drinks… there’s just no better combo. 
  • J. Carver Distillery: Website | Instagram

SCOUTED | Spruce Flowers and Events

  • What they do: Purchase a Flower School Class Pass to learn how to create your own beautiful arrangements. 
  • Why we love it: Simon and the Spruce design team are full of amazing talent that they love to share. And they’re just a fun group of people to spend time with.
  • Spruce Flowers and Events: Website | Instagram

SCOUTED | The Yoga Center Retreat

  • What they do: Practice your “Namaste” and “Om” during any number of classes offered for all ability and interest levels.  
  • Why we love it: You’ll never hear someone say they worked on their mind-body-spirit wellness too much.
  • The Yoga Center Retreat: Website | Instagram

Can Can Wonderland

  • What they do: Enjoy indoor mini golf, vintage pinball, and arcade games in an old soup can factory.
  • Why we love it: It’ll make you feel like a kid again! 
  • Can Can Wonderland: Website | Instagram 

Como Park

  • What they do: Take in all the colors, smells, and beauty at the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory.
  • Why we love it: There’s no better cure for the winter blues than a little taste of spring. 
  • Como Park: Website | Instagram 

Cooks Bellecour

  • What they do: Get your hands dirty at one of their hands-on cooking classes.
  • Why we love it: From classic flavors from India, to Croissants 101, there’s so much deliciousness to learn about!
  • Cooks Bellecour: Website | Instagram

Lola’s Lakehouse 

  • What they do: Dine in romantic style at their themed pop-up, the Love Shack. 
  • Why we love it: Surrounded by love themed music, decor, and lights, not to mention delectable food and drink menu items, is the best way to celebrate the month of Valentine’s Day.
  • Lola’s Lakehouse: Website | Instagram 

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

  • What they do: Their popular Spring Flower Show starts February 8th!
  • Why we love it: You’ll learn about their amazing gardens, history, architecture, and specialty collections, all while gorgeous foliage surrounds you. 
  • Minnesota Landscape Arboretum: Website | Instagram

Minnesota History Center

  • What they do: Learn about the life and history of the artistic talent behind Peanuts in the exhibit, The Life and Art of Charles M. Schulz.
  • Why we love it: Soak up his fascinating story while enjoying interactive activities for all ages. 
  • Minnesota History Center: Website | Instagram 


  • What they do: A steak dinner (and other mouth-watering fare) followed by classy cocktails at the upscale speakeasy, Flora Room, downstairs.
  • Why we love it: You can settle in for the evening at these cozy, dimly-lit venues, all under one roof. 
  • Porzana: Website | Instagram 

Sociable Cider Werks

  • What they do: Every Monday evening is open mic night!
  • Why we love it: You can be entertained or be the entertainer!
  • Sociable Cider Werks: Website | Instagram 

Vertical Endeavors

  • What they do: Go for action-packed, thrill-seeking fun at this rock climbing facility.
  • Why we love it: You can climb a mountain! An indoor mountain, that is. 
  • Vertical Endeavors: Website | Instagram

Viking Lakes

  • What they do: Their Winter ‘Skoltice’ includes family fun and special events to make it the best winter ever!
  • Why we love it: There’s something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Viking Lakes: Website | Instagram 

Winter Village at The Westin Edina Gallery

  • What they do: Step into an immersive winter wonderland in the heart of Edina.  
  • Why we love it: Horse-drawn carriages, afternoon tea, endless champagne in a Swiss-inspired chalet. Shall we go on? 
  • Winter Village at The Westin Edina Gallery: Website | Instagram