Cedar and Cypress Designs: Jewelry, apparel, gifts, and so much more

Three hand made gold, white, and brown bracelets are worn on the wrist of a woman who has her hand in the pocket of her jeans

For Tara Thorn, Cedar and Cypress Designs began with a journey, specifically a deeply spiritual one that lasted 5 years living in Haiti. When she returned home in 2015, she had the core wisdom and unwavering understanding that this was her calling.

As Tara learned how to start a business, much help was offered from, no surprise, supportive people in her life. As the saying goes, it takes a village, and she has an amazing one. She wanted to partner with Haiti, not as a non-profit but as a business that relied on quality products, sold for fair prices that are made by people being paid the wages they deserve to live a dignified life. It’s why they do what they do.

When the temple was constructed in 1 Kings in the Old Testament, Solomon used cedar and cypress wood to ensure its strength and longevity: to be the foundation and support. Cedar and Cypress Designs has a goal to be a support to others through job creation whether it be companies, individuals, families, missionaries, or artisans in Haiti. Being a support is the core of who they are.

A Haitian woman in a blue smock laughs as she rolls out clay

Their goods and important message are present in over 500 stores across the country along with Italy, France, Ireland, and Germany, as well as online. An average Haitian supports between 8 and 10 people so your purchases will no doubt touch numerous lives. Many of the artisans Tara partners with are talented Mothers who have been given hope in a hopeless situation through this supportive collaboration. They’ve been empowered, given a purpose, and because of this can raise their children with clean water, food, safety, a roof over their heads, and an education. 

A group of Haitian women are making jewerly around a table full of handmade teal beads

Imagine wearing a beautiful, beaded bracelet knowing that the clay was hand rolled. There could even be faint fingerprints left behind, serving as a unique mark of the creator’s identity and personal touch as it was crafted with care and individuality. What a unique experience; to be made more aware of the artistic process and the story brought to each piece.Shop the online store and learn more about this mission at cedarandcypressdesigns.com and check out their events and new merchandise on instagram @cedarandcypressdesigns.