The Scout Guide Hunt Country Volume 11 Launch Party

Our brand new Volume 11 in the hands of Editor Nelina Loiselle and Assistant Editor Caroline Fout. All photography by Krysta Norman Photography.

As we are writing this we cannot believe that Volume 11 is out in the world, loving up all of the local, small businesses that make up the vibrant fabric of the numerous, lovely small towns of Hunt Country, Virginia. While we have already started to prep for Volume 12, we are still reminiscing in the glory that is the stunning Volume 11!

Part of that reminiscing is to bring you the sights and snippets from Volume 11’s Launch Party. Captured by the talented and lovely Krysta Norman Photography, we are so excited to bring you these moments. It was a ‘Surrealist Soiree’, or as we like to call it, something entirely and utterly out of a dream. Attendees appeared in dazzling fascinators, artfully crafted head-pieces with intricate details, and otherworldly attire designed to induce ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ while simultaneously defying fashion norms and in some cases, gravity itself.

RdV Vineyards’ Owner Rutger de Vink and winemaker, Joshua Grainer.

RdV Vineyards provided the perfect venue and backdrop for the unveiling of Volume 11. Situated, quite literally, in the rolling hills of pastoral Delaplane, Virginia, the modern-rustic winery is silhouetted by rows and rows of stately vines, carefully attended by the RdV team. The afternoon began with a fireside chat from owner Rutger de Vink and winemaker, Joshua Grainer. During this short yet delightful chat, Joshua quipped that the incredibly steep hillside the vines flourished happily on does actually, in fact, help in yielding a successful crop. Learning and celebrating, just our kind of party! RdV has created an American Grand Cru on this Virginia hillside, and has been extensively praised for their Red Bordeaux blends. ‘Lost Mountain’ and ‘Rendezvous’ have been produced in the Bordeaux manner and are absolutely stunning bottles of wine, which, to no surprise, were a huge hit at the party.

From left to right: Nikki Stamps of Bird in the Hand with “Dr. Hoo”, Editor Nelina Loiselle interacts with Manuel Simpson’s inventive display and Jenn Pineau’s florals, the plant-adorned stairs to the barrel room and lower level of RdV, cookies created just for the launch party by Stevi’s Cookies.

The rest of the surreally-clad guests arrived around 4:30pm and the night began. One step inside the door and a great horned owl, ‘Mr.Hoo’, handled by Nikki Stamps of Bird in the Hand greeted guests with his piercing gaze and ethereal head swivels. If you’ve had a chance to flip through Volume 11, you will notice that another one of Nikki’s owls appears in Asha Clare of The Kitchen Fairy’s spread! This editorial star was a barn owl, whom Nikki also brought to the launch party.

Custom cookies by the one and only Stevi’s Cookies made to look like copies of Volume 11, surrealist eyes, green apples, melting clocks and bowler hats adorned an artfully decorated bookshelf flanking the entrance to the party, along with Scout Guides from cities across the U.S. Volume 11 member Deb Schaffer of Enchanted Botanicals created one-of-a-kind candles for the event as well, scented with currant, blackberries and other delicious wintery scents.

From left to right: A stunning headpiece, Editor Nelina Loiselle with Volume 11, the team from Aiyana Atelier, Makeup Artist Kathleen McAteer with seriously surreal eyeshadow, Angela Murphy crowned with butterflies, flipping through Volume 11, Kristin May and her team from May Aesthetics, Stephen Waudby of the Marshall Pet Co-op and Home, Earth and Sky with friend Leslie, Terry Kaye of Terry Kaye Events and her incredible team, Zack and Tom Hopkins of Hoppy Design and Build.

Manuel Simpson of EyeManuel and Jenn Pineau of Nature Composed ensured that the already gorgeous space of RdV’s winery transformed into a truly surrealist experience (think Dali’s ‘The Persistence of Memory’, Magritte’s ‘ The Son of Man’ and the embellished plants and flowers surrounding any portrait of Frida Kahlo) with both muted natural elements and of course, literary elements as well. Anyone who happened to glance up as they turned left into the open and airy tasting room would see a flock of Volume 11’s seemingly floating amongst the heavy beams of the ceiling, which were a result of Manuel’s creative genius.

From left to right: Mini lobster bisque and samosas by Black Garlic, a closeup of Nature Composed’s beautiful floral work, custom cookies by Stevi’s Cookies, Kelly McGrath from Elizabeth Locke Jewels, RdV Vineyards’ incredible bottles, Editor Nelina Loiselle with RdV Vineyards Rutger de Vink and Joshua Grainer and McEnearney Associates’ Deniz Artemel and Peter Pejacsevich, Stylist for Volume 11 and inventive genius Manuel Simpson, Editor Nelina Loiselle and Volume 11 photographer extraordinaire Ronnie Gregorio of Gregorio Photography.

The sunset that night lent itself to the theme of the party, as guests trickled outside to take it all in as well as pose amongst white doves with abnormally long, flourished tails as the fiery reds and oranges and pinks of the setting sun hovered just about the Blue Ridge.

Editor Nelina Loiselle, Joshua Grainer, Deniz Artemel, and Rutger de Vink.

Guests ventured back inside to pose with the life-size Volume 11 backdrop and to enjoy signature libations courtesy of Volume 11 member Ashwell and Ashwell. Cocktails included a sweet and delicious ‘In Contempt of Currant’ and a strong, gingery ‘The Defense Rests’. Merril Ridgway and her fabulous team at Black Garlic passed around delicacies including a tiny lobster bisque, to-die-for samosas, and goat cheese puffs with a beet topping. The night would not have been complete without the gorgeous glassware, linens and tables from Select Event Group. You might recall the show-stopping sailcloth tent from our Volume 10 Launch Party. No surprise, it was from the fabulous Select Event Group! They are a joy to work with each and every time and made Volume 11’s launch elegant and well-appointed.

Diana Cogan, Catherine Havens and Lindsey Shockley of Select Event Group.

This, of course, was as much an interactive tour of this stunning venue as anything, and a second bar room emerged as guests wandered down the stairs and into the darker, moodier lower level of RdV. The team from Bowen Films were back for another launch party, expertedly capturing all of the nights happenings. With high ceilings and enormous steel barrels framing the walk to the second bar, the barrell room was an experience all in itself as guests chatted and took it all in. One veer to the left brought guests into the caves, a truly spectacular feat of engineering that RdV keeps hidden behind two massive metal doors. These caves, lined with beautifully red-stained barrels of wine, seeped down into a central gathering area, where a stunning spread of desserts had been laid out by the talented Amanda of Signature Sweets by Amanda.

From left to right: Mini lobster bisque from Black Garlic, goat cheese puffs from Black Garlic, the dessert table adorned by Signature Sweets by Amanda, Magritte-esque eye cupcakes topped with a dove by Signature Sweets by Amanda, the barrel room at RdV Vineyards, Ryan Wright Music performing, signature cocktail ‘In Contempt of Currant’.

Ryan Wright of Ryan Wright Music, a rising star and a local, displayed her immense vocal talents as guests emerged from the caves. Her moody and deep voice lent a perfect ambience to the overall atmosphere of the venue and evening. After Editor Nelina Loiselle said a few words, the festivities continued until it was just the TSG Hunt Country team and our inventive and hits-the-nail-on-the-head every single time rockstar event planner Terry of Terry Kaye Events. We packed up the displays, snuck a few Stevi’s Cookies for ourselves and exhaled after a truly spectacular evening. We cannot thank our Co-Host and Volume 11 member McEnearney Associates enough for helping us to make this all happen.

Sneaking a peak of Shannon Casey and Foxcroft School‘s spreads.

Volume 11 arrived in true style and has received so much incredible support from this Hunt Country community. It is available now in and around Hunt Country at your favortite local businesses. Pick up a copy, gift it to friends and family, keep it for yourself, put it on your coffee table, bookshelf or stack it on your collection of previous TSG Hunt Country’s. Really, we just ask that you enjoy its pages and that it inspires you to live local, love local, and support local.

Cheers to Volume 11!

Boxes of Volume 11 greeted guests as they entered RdV’s winery.

Many, many thanks to the vendors and talents who made the Volume 11 Launch Party possible:

Venue and Wine: RdV Vineyards 

Co-Host: McEnearney Associates 

Planning & Design: Terry Kaye Events 

Styling & Installation: Manuel Simpson

Catering: Black Garlic 

Beer: Lost Barrel Brewing 

Desserts: Signature Sweets by Amanda 

Videography: Bowen Films 

Florals: Nature Composed 

Photography: Krysta Norman Photography

Signature Cocktails: Ashwell & Ashwell 

Calligraphy Signs: Leah Letters 

Cookies: Stevi’s Cookies 

Rentals: Select Event Group

Custom Candles: Enchanted Botanicals 

Raptors: Bird in the Hand 

Vintage Rentals: Bella Villa Antiques and Vintage Rentals

Music: Ryan Wright