Meet: Glenstone Gardens

We’d like to formally introduce you to the stunning Glenstone Gardens, who, as you might remember, was the gracious host and ethereal setting for our Volume 1o Launch Party! Glenstone Gardens will be joining in for Volume 11 and we could not be more excited. Not only is this historic estate nestled in the heart of Hunt Country, it exudes an elegance and charm that is so unique to this area.

We caught up with proprietor Matilda Reuter Engle, born and raised in Middleburg, Virginia, to get a sense of what she loves so much about this small corner of the world and the permanent place Glenstone Garden has in these rolling hills.

TSG: How did you get started in your business?

MATILDA: Glenstone Gardens is rooted in centuries of hospitality. Born into a family full of Virginia pride and a deep respect for the lifestyle that accompanied countryside pursuits and sporting pastimes, I was raised amongst the convergence of history and natural beauty. I was taught to live by the seasons, to work hard, and to entertain wholeheartedly. Preserving my family’s legacy and lifestyle is a gift – one that is best done by bestowing the gift upon others. I started sharing my passion for Virginia hospitality when I became the third generation manager of The Red Fox Inn & Tavern, a pillar of Middleburg established in 1728 that is steeped in the lore of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, the visitations by many notable politicians and celebrities like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and a destination for unforgettable cuisine and accommodations. Eventually, it was time for a luxury entertaining space to host exclusive and inspired celebrations for the people, stories, and everyday charms that make up our beloved region. That is where it began, and it has evolved into a pristine property that boasts authenticity, history, and countryside appeal all in one.

TSG: What do you love most about working in Hunt Country?

MATILDA: The culture, without a doubt. Middleburg is home, and there’s no place quite like it. I like to think of Hunt Country as the best kept secret of our nation’s capital. With such close proximity to Washington, DC, it’s the perfect getaway that takes you to another place and time entirely. Growing up here, I’ve come to know and love all of the unique activities and small businesses that make our region special. From Spring Races to Garden Week, horse and hound shows and some of the best vineyards you can sip at, the exquisite nature of this community is hard to find anywhere else. We come together to celebrate the best moments in life, both small and large.

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TSG: What is your favorite aspect of your work? 

MATILDA: Getting to be surrounded by the natural beauty of our region and continuing to live by the seasons is a blessing I’ll never tire of. When you add in the fact that we’ve built a family to tend to these gardens and lands, it makes looking after our native flora all a bit sweeter. Having many employees who my family has worked with for 20+ years allows us to all operate as a collective; a bond that’s enjoyable not only for our team, but also our guests. This intimacy between our land and our people allows you to feel like you’re walking onto a property and celebrating in a space that feels yours. The thrill of welcoming guests onto our estate for lifelong memories is an aspect to cherish and never take for granted.

TSG: What are some of your favorite local spots in Hunt Country?

MATILDA: Of course, we must mention The Red Fox Inn & Tavern, a must-see national landmark that offers hearty meals in an intimate setting, romantic accommodations with hints of colonial decor, and a taste of the Piedmont’s cultural heritage. Don’t miss the leading field sport gallery, Red Fox Fine Art, on the second floor of the historic establishment!

We frequent our local wineries like RdV Vineyards and Greenhill Vineyards, which boast equally gorgeous views and varietal. And we support the National Sporting Library & Museum – the only of its kind. Founded in 1954, The National Sporting Library & Museum is dedicated to preserving the Hunt Country culture with more than 20,000 items and a well-respected research facility. 

 TSG: What are some recent or new projects or endeavors?

MATILDA: Glenstone Gardens is a newer project in itself about to undergo its first official ‘wedding season.’ Tucked under the Eastern slope of the Bull Run Mountains, we’ve meticulously manicured this estate for discerning clients to enjoy sophisticated celebrations that are synonymous with Middleburg’s grandeur. This property is one of the most exclusive in the area, ready to host intimate indoor soirees, elaborate tented affairs, and private executive retreats.


TSG: Is there any insider advice you would give to your guests?

MATILDA: Make Glenstone Gardens your own for a moment in time. We’ve designed the property to accommodate all visions, personalities and celebrations. A blank canvas to appeal to tastemakers of tradition, or those who relish in seasonal treats and get lit up by contemporary trends. You can even curate the paintings that hang behind you in your wedding portraits, with choices from an internationally acclaimed collection. You won’t share the property with anyone else while you’re here, so enjoy the sensation it offers – one of peace, an immersion in culture, and ultimate privacy.

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8 East Washington Street
Middleburg, Virginia
[email protected]