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Beckwith Bolle (right) with realtor Lauren Milner (left). Photography by Gregorio Photography for The Scout Guide Hunt Country.

We asked a few of our Scouted Real Estate professionals to give us the low-down on the current market trends, as well as their best evergreen advice for both home buyers and sellers. Keep reading to tap into some of the immense knowledge of these seasoned realtors!

Beckwith Bolle, Carter Braxton Preferred Properties

“The market is still very good! Even with the slightly higher interest rates, the lack of inventory has kept prices at a premium, and multiple offers are still in play. Properties that have been updated inside and out are having the best rate of return as well as interest from buyers. As for the “hot design trends”: Homes that are not just staged, but have character, charm and great curb appeal are selling faster. Updating landscaping, entryways as well as outdoor living spaces are attributes that buyers are putting at the top of their lists along with updated kitchens and baths. Buyers are spending more time wanting to “connect” to the home as quality of life standards are really out front and center. If you are considering selling, reach out to your preferred Real Estate Broker before you make changes, the trends are always changing!”

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Susan Thomas and Joe O’Hara. Photo courtesy McEnearney Associates.

Susan Thomas and Joe O’Hara, McEnearney Associates

“Despite the improving ‘spring market’ inventory, buyers face tough competition, particularly for properties under 1.5M in move-in-ready condition and in the right pricing range. Winning contracts in a bidding war often involve an escalation addendum and minimal contingencies. This means buyers are not only paying above the list price but also waiving financing, appraisal, and home/radon inspection contingencies. Forgoing a home inspection can be hard for many buyers to swallow. We often advise our clients to conduct a core systems-only home inspection before making an offer. This allows them to submit a contingency-free offer, provided their financing is solid. Of course, there is not a one-size-fits-all strategy for each home buyer. That’s why it is critical that a buyer work with seasoned agents to ensure that they are always positioned for success. On the other hand, sellers have a significant advantage in this market if they price their home in the correct range and take the necessary time to prepare their home for sale. Buyers will pay a premium for a home that has been well-maintained and presented beautifully for sale. A few of the high ticket preparation items we recommend are window cleaning, power washing, painting, replacing dated light fixtures, replacing worn carpet, and having a perfectly manicured lawn. For some homes, especially larger vacant homes, it may make sense to have the main level and primary bedroom professionally staged. Ultimately, we recommend that the seller spend money where there is at least the likelihood of a 100%+ return on investment. We have a proven system for all our seller clients. It’s called the “5 Strategies for Selling Your Home” or, the “5 Ps”:
The 5 Ps:
1. Preparation: Coordinate the Home Preparation Process
2. Presentation: Showcase the Home Beautifully
3. Pricing: Provide a Sound Pricing Strategy
4. Promotion: Create a Robust and Tailored Marketing Plan
5. Performance: Execute the Plans and Communicate at Every Step

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