2024 Intentions: What Our Members Are Thinking About for the New Year

With 2024 in it’s infancy, (publishing this on Day 4!) we are still really thinking about how this year is going to unfold. We asked our members to send us what they are looking forward to accomplishing in the new year, whether it be business or personal intentions, and they did not disappoint! Lots of exciting things coming to Hunt Country for 2024, we hope this kicks off your new year with optimism, hope and energy!

Deb of Enchanted Botanicals as seen in Volume 11. Photography by Gregorio Photography.

Deb Schaffer
Owner, Enchanted Botanicals
Deb on Intentions 101:

“An intention is not the same thing as a wish. If a wish is a vague hope, an intention is an expertly shot arrow. Sure, every once in a while a complete neophyte hits the target (and a random wish might, too). But if you want to have any degree of success at this whole “intending thing,” you need to hone your craft and become one hell of a marksman. The best way to do this? Use the power of intentions daily. Intending should be like brushing your teeth. You do it at least twice a day, even when you don’t feel well. It’s about focus and awareness — the same skills you need to be a good driver or a good mom. Here’s the trick of it. Whether you are working with the daily-sized intentions or the big, life-changing mamma-jammas: 

✦ Be super clear. 

✦ Return to the intention daily and recommit to it.

✦ Speak your intention out loud and listen for anything that rings false or feels incomplete so that you can correct your course. 

✦ Release anything that’s getting in the way. 

✦ Take action steps to make it happen.

In my world, setting an intention comes with these 5 action steps. Period. And if your intentions aren’t coming to fruition, ask yourself this: “Am I treating my intentions like wishes?”

Tri-County Feeds, Fashions, Finds’ stunning spread as seen in Volume 11. Photography by Gregorio Photography.

Jeri Jackson
Owner, Tri-County Feeds, Fashions, Finds
Jeri’s simple yet powerful mantra for the new year:

“Be Kind, Do Good.”

Regina’s spread of The Cornichon as seen in Volume 11. Photography by Gregorio Photography.

Regina Alvir
Owner, The Cornichon
Regina on looking ahead with The Cornichon:

“As we embrace the new year, we are excited to share our intentions for 2024 and the exciting developments we have in store. While we continue to craft our exquisite grazing boxes and boards, this year, our focus extends to a variety of engaging events: Raclette Events at your home or corporate setting, individual boxes for diverse occasions, and classes for culinary exploration. Explore our expanded offerings, featuring salads, sandwiches, and a variety of appetizers alongside our signature artisanal cheeses and cured meats. We look forward to creating memorable moments and indulging your senses throughout the year. Stay tuned for updates and announcements as we embark on this exciting journey together!”

Asha of The Kitchen Fairy as seen in Volume 11. Photography by Gregorio Photography.

Asha Clare
Owner, The Kitchen Fairy
Asha on new offerings and life in Hunt Country for 2024:

“Life as an entrepreneur can easily become all work and no play. This year I have set an intention to “play” more by starting a supper club to connect with my community on a personal level.  Are you a woman residing in Hunt Country, Virginia with an entrepreneurial spirit? Do you want to foster more intentional connections in your life? Does “breaking bread” with fellow gastronomes and creatives sound like la dolce vita? Are you able to commit to an intimate dining experience once a month? If you answer yes to these questions, you would be a great fit for the supper club! In order for the group to have a cohesive sense of community and create a space to stay connected, the supper club will only consist of twelve members. The first gathering will take place Thursday, April 18th from 6:00pm to 9:00pm, location TBD ( but most certainly somewhere dreamy in Hunt Country).”

Jeanne-Marie Tufts of The Town Duck as seen in Volume 11. Photography by Gregorio Photography.

Jeanne-Marie Tufts
Owner, The Town Duck
Jeanne-Marie on finding calm and content in 2024:

“Clearly, my 2024 “intention” has already  fallen short on day 2–the procrastinator prevails. Calendars, deadlines, checklists and excel spreadsheets. All so very exhausting, right? Don’t get me wrong. I hit the ground running yesterday morning at home, purposefully purging all sorts of papers, items and clothing that don’t need to travel into this calendar year. In doing so, what I realized I needed most wasn’t a professional organizer or expert team to compartmentalize my hectic life. I just need more time….time at home. Time in my shop. Time with my friends. Time with my family. Time at my children’s school. Time with my community. I guess what I really crave is time without a buzzer. You know, the way one thing seamlessly falls into the next and you’re all the better for it. Once upon a time, I was a yoga teacher. I cued my students to set an intention at the beginning of each class. My favorite part. When or where else can you fall into a space on a random Tuesday and give yourself that? On the other side of the mat as a student, I began to really value what that sacred few moments meant. One of my all time favorite greeting cards in my shop reads, “I’m just over here running a tight shipwreck.” Ain’t that the truth. So I guess this leads me to my ultimate intention for the foreseeable future (a yearlong resolution seems too much of a commitment for me!)  I choose to find intent over content. Grace over judgement. And fun over fretting. Already, things are looking up!”

Cheers to 2024!