Tips for Pulling Together a NYE Outfit

We reached out to our stylist extraordinaire, Brooke Jackson with BLJ Collective, for the best tips and ideas for the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit!

Dress for the Occasion:
Whenever you are going to an event or planning a holiday look, one of the biggest things to consider is the occasion. Whether it’s a formal party, a casual gathering with friends, or a cozy night in, choose an outfit that suits the occasion.

Tip Alert – You’ll need an element of interest:
Statement Accessories: Accessories can make or break an outfit. Consider incorporating statement accessories to add a wow factor. A bold pair of earrings, a glamorous clutch, or statement shoes can transform a simple outfit into a show-stopping look. Just be mindful not to overdo it – choose one or two key pieces to keep the focus on your overall ensemble. A popular accessory this year is tights/stockings – it’s a cute way to add interest to a simple fit. Pro- tip: Shoe clips are one of my favorite ways to dress up a staple piece. You can buy shoe clips like bows and add to a classic black shoe and give it that holiday festive feel. This can be a quick, affordable solution that saves you the cost of a pricey pair of holiday heels that you wouldn’t get tons of use of.

Play with Textures:

Experimenting with different textures can add depth and interest to your outfit. Velvet, silk, lace, feathers or faux fur can bring a luxurious feel to your look. Mixing textures can also create a visually appealing and sophisticated ensemble.

Add Sparkle and Shine:

New Year’s Eve is synonymous with sparkle and shine. Whether it’s a sequined top, a metallic skirt, or shimmering accessories, a touch of sparkle can elevate your look for the special occasion.

Express Your Style:

Ultimately, your New Year’s Eve outfit should reflect your personal style. Whether you prefer classic elegance, contemporary chic, or bohemian vibes, infuse your unique taste into your outfit choices.
This is your time to shine, so embrace what makes you feel confident and fabulous.

Consider Comfort:

While it’s essential to look and feel your best, don’t sacrifice comfort. New Year’s Eve often involves hours of celebration, so choose fabrics that allow for movement and outfits that make you feel
confident and comfortable. If you’re planning to dance the night away, consider footwear that’s both stylish and comfortable.

Top Trends:
Guilded – A trend for the glam girls! NYE is always heavily focused on the glitz and the glam, adding sparkle to your outfit feels like a must. You can match this trend with simpler silhouettes so that the
look never feels overwhelming.

Uptown Girl – This trend takes your look over the top for sure. It’s all about minimalism so you get to pair things together like pearls, mattelatic, and fur.

Color-Blocking and monochromatic – Take on bold color-blocking or immerse yourself with one beautiful hue. Colors such as reds, blues, pinks, silvers and golds are sure to pop this holiday season. Or take on the color of the year – Pantone Color Institute has announced that Peach Fuzz, a warm and fuzzy hue
between pink and orange, is the Color of the Year for 2024.

Modern Menswear – Do something different! Try putting together a modern juxtaposition by incorporating menswear into your NYE look. Layer a collared shirt over or underneath a glamorous piece. Use a men’s tie as your accessory. Suits are also going to be major!

Brooke Jackson is the founder and primary stylist for BLJ Collective. Contact her for all styling needs, as well as her speciality bridal styling. Click HERE to learn more.