May Editor Loves

Editorial graphic with a floral background featuring the phrase "EDITOR Loves" in stylized typography, suggesting a curated selection or recommendation associated with The Scout Guide.

May at The Scout Guide Triad is our busiest month! Full of creative meetings and photo shoots, our entire crew is run ragged by our graphics deadline! That said, it’s still Spring in the Triad and we love all the time spent outdoors capturing beautiful photography on some of the best days of the year.  I bring out all the bright dresses in my closet, dig out those espadrilles, and enjoy the parks on weekends with the kids and weekday evenings spent outside sipping a chilled glass of chardonnay with my husband, watching the kids and dogs play, after a wild day of photo shoots with all of my amazing business owners across the Triad.

My current favorite things:

Close-up view of racing thoroughbred horses' legs and hooves kicking up grass at high speed, with the number 13 visible on a red saddle cloth, embodying the excitement of Kentucky Derby Mania, as featured in The Scout Guide.

Since I was a young child, I have always found a TV on the first Saturday in May to watch the Derby. As an adult, I do whatever I can to make sure I have a classic mint julep in hand as well. You can only imagine my collection of fascinators.  This is a personal Editor holiday! This year, I will be watching from the Clubhouse at Elk River Club, but if you are in town this weekend, head over to Amie’s party at Primms at 5 PM, it sounds like a blast!!!

A sunny day at Summerfield Farms with a vintage food truck serving customers near a rustic building with solar panels, capturing the essence of the farm-to-table spirit as shown in The Scout Guide.

Going to be honest, Summerfield Farms is one of my favorite places year-round, but spring evenings enjoying craft cocktails, food trucks, and periodic live music on this beautiful farm definitely rank up there for favorite spring evenings.  If you have kids, it’s a perfect place to let them run a bit wild and make new friends while you enjoy an adult beverage. 

Also, this Wednesday (5/8), Stephanie Quayle will be on the Farm signing her book “Why Do We Stay,” chatting with the audience, and playing some of her music. The VIP ticket includes light bites and cocktails by 1618. I strongly encourage you to attend; I chatted recently with Stephanie about this event and it sounds like it’s going to be very informative as well as fun with a Q&A with the renowned social psychologist W. Keith Campbell (a leading expert in narcissism). Tickets are available here.

Excited fans raise their hands in silhouette at a nighttime baseball game, with the field brightly lit under floodlights and a banner reading "BASEBALL SEASON" on the foreground, hinting at the energized atmosphere of The Scout Guide's celebration of the sport's new season.

No matter which city you live in, you’ve got a hometown baseball team. Whether you’re all about the Dash, the Rockers, or the Grasshoppers, we all have a fabulous stadium to enjoy those warm nights and a cold beer under the lights.

A vibrant and welcoming retail space featuring an eclectic mix of products reflecting The Scout Guide's emphasis on local unique offerings, with fashion attire displayed on a mannequin, assorted colorful pillows stacked on shelves, and an array of home decor accessories and artisanal food items artfully arranged throughout, enhancing the boutique's inviting Borough Market & Bar atmosphere.

I was just visiting with Kam the other day and was floored by all her fabulous and fun pieces. Also, what’s not to love about a clothing, home, and gifts store with a bar serving amazing cocktails? Seriously, this business is the perfect setup for us ladies!!

A group of people enjoying a summer outdoor meal around a rustic wooden table, set with various dishes, in a woodland setting, indicative of Memorial Day celebrations and summer fun as mentioned in the text overlay. The Scout Guide.

My family always looks forward to this weekend and the launch of summer. As the wife and daughter of veterans, this weekend always has a special meaning for our family. But it’s always good to look forward to spending time as a family too. The community and club pools are open and everything gets just a little more relaxed. We will be posting many summer events on the website but keep an eye on our social media too for all the activities happening this summer. 

Close-up of a microphone with a blurred audience in the background at an outdoor event, where The Scout Guide highlights beach music and other local events.

Other items of note – Beach Music in downtown Greensboro starts next week with Chairman of the Board, outdoor movies are already happening in Innovation Quarter in downtown Winston-Salem, and live music at Stock + Grain on Saturdays in High Point.