Burtch Designs: Crafting Brand Stories with Purpose and Precision

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Jackie Burtch, the visionary behind Burtch Designs, shares her journey of turning her passion for design into a thriving business venture that thrives on creativity, strategy, and authenticity.

An Evolution of Passion: From Pandemic Beginnings to Strategic Growth

Burtch Designs emerged not as a predetermined endpoint but as a dynamic evolution, reflecting Jackie’s desire to carve out a flexible lifestyle for her family. From its inception amidst the challenges of the pandemic in 2020 to its strategic growth and refinement in subsequent years, Jackie’s business journey has been marked by adaptability, perseverance, and continual growth.

“This business has been more of an evolution rather than an end-goal scenario for me. Month-to-month even feels different!”

Crafting Brand Narratives: Jackie’s Creative Process Unveiled

Photography by Kismet Visuals.

At the heart of Burtch Designs lies a meticulous creative process that brings clients’ visions to life with precision and purpose. Through in-depth strategy sessions, mood boards, and collaborative iterations, Jackie ensures that each brand reflects its mission, values, and audience, creating memorable and meaningful experiences that resonate with clients and consumers alike.

“I try to be really intentional with both what the client wants and what I believe their ideal client wants.”

Drawing Inspiration from Diversity: A Design Philosophy

In a world brimming with creativity and innovation, Jackie draws inspiration from a myriad of sources—fellow designers, local businesses, fashion icons, and influencers—to stay abreast of current design trends while maintaining her fluid and adaptable style. Embracing the diversity of her clientele, Jackie lets each brand’s uniqueness guide the creative process, resulting in dynamic and eclectic designs that defy a singular aesthetic.

“I don’t think I have a signature style because I let the strategy and uniqueness of each business guide the creative process.”

Cultivating Community and Collaboration: The Power of Support

Every thriving entrepreneur relies on a network of support, and Jackie is a shining example of this truth. From the unwavering encouragement of her husband, Derek, to the camaraderie and guidance provided by her found community of kindred spirits, including Abigail, Rhi from Rooted, Mel and Danielle of Haven, and Kim from Conscious Community Collective, among others, Jackie’s journey has been significantly enriched by some amazing female entrepreneurs like herself. Together, they share a profound passion for creativity that has propelled Jackie forward, transforming her dreams into a vibrant reality.

“My husband, Derek, is my number one. He sees the highs and the lows of this work.”

Spotlight on Success: Memorable Projects and Collaborations

Photography by Kismet Visuals.

Step into the spotlight on success as we delve into Jackie’s impactful collaborations, with a spotlight shining on her memorable partnership with another remarkable entrepreneur from The Scout Guide community—Brooke of Boards by Brooke.

This narrative unfolds as a celebration of authenticity, evolution, and the influential force of effective branding.

“She already had a really large Instagram presence before working together, so it was fun to see her settle into her new branding and gain confidence with it!”

Brooke Hohlbaugh, the visionary behind Boards by Brooke, shares her experience of working with Jackie:

“Jackie was so wonderful from start to finish! From the initial strategy session to each touchpoint, I felt totally confident that she could bring my brand to the next level, and she totally did!”

This testimonial underscores the seamless collaboration and the profound impact Jackie had in elevating Brooke’s brand to new heights.

Discover the magic that unfolds when creativity meets confidence at Burtch Designs.

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