7 Things Kathy, Owner of Boss Gal Beauty Bar, Is Loving This Month

Photography by Kismet Visuals

We caught up with Kathy, the owner of Boss Gal Beauty Bar, to discover her current favorites. Here, she reveals her latest obsessions, from indulgent skincare to the allure of the Roman Empire, alongside her love for dainty jewelry, matcha, and more.

1. What I’m Wearing

En Saison Printed Pants from Lady Bird

“I recently purchased these wide-leg pants and I can’t wait to wear them on my upcoming vacation!”

2. What I’m Gifting

Kenni by Cuffed by Nano

“My current obsession with dainty jewelry led me to gift this 14-karat gold baguet choker, the perfect minimalist accessory.”

3. What I’m Watching

One Day on Netflix

“I recently watched this all in one sitting, and it has seriously become my Roman Empire. A beautiful, thought-provoking love story with a tragic ending that’s sure to tug at your heartstrings.”

4. What I’m Coveting

Mystro by Skin Better Science

“It should come as no surprise, but I am a total skincare junky and this is the product that I currently couldn’t live without. Made from plant adaptogens it helps improve redness, rough skin texture, dullness, pore size, uneven skin, and overall skin health.”

5. What I’m Eating

Northstar Cafe’s Beechwold Salad

“When it comes to healthy lunch options, this salad is my go-to—a delicious and nutritious choice that never disappoints.”

6. What I’m Drinking

Littleton Market Matcha Tea Latte

“I’m absolutely smitten with this charming boutique grocery store and café in my Upper Arlington neighborhood, particularly their matcha. Its creamy texture and earthy flavor make it the perfect pick-me-up.”

7. What I’m Decorating With

Surround Design

“I recently built a new house and sought the expertise of an interior decorator to furnish and decorate. My standout favorite? A breathtaking handmade leather chandelier imported from Africa, lending a touch of sophistication to my bedroom.”

Bonus: What I’m Obsessing Over?

Scalp Facial by Hydrafacial

“Currently obsessing over our new service at Boss Gal Beauty Bar. It comes with a dreamy, scalp massage improving your scalp health and leaving you feeling totally relaxed.”

To keep up with Kathy’s favorites, follow her on the Boss Gal Beauty Bar Instagram.