Sauna to Cold Plunge: Contrast Studio

A new sauna-to-cold plunge facility — Contrast Studio — has recently opened in Montgomery. Contrast Studio, one of the only in the area, is here to provide the benefits of contrast therapy, which involves alternating between hot sauna and cold temperature treatments to trigger the release of dopamine and cortisol, a way to biohack one’s body to natural wellness. 

This hot-to-cold technique can improve cardiovascular health, reduce inflammation, and promote muscle recovery. Other benefits include increasing metabolism, regulating stress, boosting the immune system, accelerating injury healing, and more. 

Contrast therapy is backed by the science of Dr. Susanna Søberg, whose research has shown that alternating between hot and cold treatments is a highly effective method for reducing pain and inflammation. The sauna helps to increase one’s heart rate and circulation, and then the cold therapy in the plunge tub constricts the blood vessels, which reduces inflammation. 

We had the opportunity to experience a Contrast Studio 30-minute session. An experience at Contrast includes booking a private room that has its own full-spectrum color light therapy sauna and temperature-controlled cold plunge tub. While you get your own individual room for 30 minutes, it is recommended to spend 20 or so minutes in the sauna, followed by up to 3 minutes in the cold plunge. A coach can be available to come in at the end to guide you through your first cold plunge, something both of us took advantage of for our first time.

For maximum benefits, Contrast recommends a total of 57 minutes per week in the infrared sauna, and 11 minutes per week in the cold plunge. The infrared saunas are set to 160°F and the cold plunges range from 45-55°F (but can go as low as 39°F). Like any kind of training, you build up to longer times in colder plunges. 

We can both attest to the near-immediate effects and benefits we felt post plunge. We both found ourselves feeling energized and alert, while also at ease with moods positively lifted — and these feelings and energies stayed with us hours after leaving the studio. And while the plunge itself was definitely a shock to the system, it was extremely doable, especially when being coached through breathing exercises during the plunge itself. For more about our experience, check out our Instagram.

We highly recommend checking out Contrast Studio for yourself, and know that you can book your first session for free here. Furthermore, Contrast Studios is donating a portion of every session booked in the month of October to 1N5 because they are passionate about the impact that contrast therapy has on mental health.

We look forward to seeing more to come from Contrast Studio, and when you go to check them out, make sure to tell them #TheScoutGuide sent you!