8 Things Lisa McMillan of Livio Med Spa Is Loving Right Now

As ever the lovers of the people behind the small businesses, we want to recognize these individuals as excellent #scouts themselves. They are some of the best sources for recommendations local and beyond. We love to get to know each of them in this capacity and hope you do too! With that, we recently caught up with Lisa McMillan of Livio Med Spa to find out what she is really excited about these days. Lisa shares her current favs, from a new skin care routine to where she’s working so, so read more below!

1. What I’m Using

I am using a new skincare product called Plated Exosomes. It is a unique, high density exosome that is shelf stable so I can use it twice a day on my skin. It’s filled with antioxidants and a growth factor complex, and so far it’s fantastic!

2. Where I’m Shopping

I was most recently at High St.—I needed everything!

3. Where I’m Working Out

I love working out at Trilogy Fitness! It is a unique training system that is small group personal training, so you get the benefits of a fun group environment with a customized workout from a certified personal trainer. I’ve met so many great people there!

4. What I’m Reading

I am currently reading My Name Is Barbra, the autobiography of Barbra Streisand. Before that, I finished The Overstory by Richard Powers.

5. What I’m Watching

I just finished watching True Detective, Night Country. Holy cow! Best TV in a long time.

6. What I’m Making

Mostly a mess—in my home, in my home office, and in my car!

7. Where I’m Going

My daughter lives in Madrid, so I am heading there for a visit. Then this summer I am taking a bike trip with my girlfriends to Croatia. I’ve decided to use an e-bike, so I’m sure to arrive on time for cocktails each night!

8. What I’m Proud Of

I really am most proud of my two kids. They have turned out to exceed my every expectation. They are hard working, adventurous, kind souls, and so so funny. I can’t wait to see them.

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Photos by RVP Photo