Scouted Makers in the Midwest, West, and Southwest You Should Know About

This group of Scouted makers in the Midwest, West, and Southwest are making waves in the world of handcrafted goods, from custom-made furniture to high-end apothecary items. Support these artisans by purchasing their unique products and touting their talents far and wide. To find more makers in your area, consult The Scout Guide Directory.

Artisan Dawn Josephine, of Dawn Josephine Jewelry in Bozeman and Livingston, Montana, in her store
Photography by Melanie Nashan.

Dawn Josephine Jewelry

Bozeman and Livingston, Montana
Artisan and maker Dawn Josephine creates custom-jewelry featuring old original postmarks from all over the world. Her eclectic pieces are amazingly unique and wearable enough for everyday use.

Scouted maker Carolyn Holden of Provenance Soapworks in St. Charles, Missouri, in her shop
Photography by Joan Fisher.

Provenance Soapworks

St. Charles, Missouri
With nearly two decades of experience making soap, Carolyn Holden and her husband Mike know their way around luxurious skincare and body products. Thanks to extensive travel and research, they have created Saint Louis’s premier destination for world-class handcrafted soaps, scrubs, custom body oils and more.

Scott Richards of Slightly Choppy posing with his hand made flags in Newport Beach, California
Photography by Mike Radford.

Slightly Choppy

Newport Beach, California
This unique brand created by Scouted maker Scott Richards is known for crafting artisanal, hand-sewn flags that capture the essence of coastal living. Each flag is meticulously created, adding a touch of vintage charm to Cali homes—and beyond.

Scouted maker Danielle Whisenand  of Backhouse Fragrances in Newport Beach, California poses with her wares in her workshop
Photography by Mike Radford.

Backhouse Fragrances

Newport Beach, California
These luxe, hand-poured candles are crafted in small batches by founder Danielle Whisenand right in her backhouse, hence the name. It’s a rarity to step into a home in Newport Beach without finding one of her candles burning. Danielle also specializes in corporate gifting, so consider her wares for the holiday season.

Susan Fleming of Susan Fleming Jewelry in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, poses at her workshop
Photography by Diana Edlinger Studios.

Susan Fleming Jewelry

Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Susan Fleming is the artisan behind this lovely eponymous jewelry line, as well as the curator of Workshop, a Jackson Hole mainstay for discovering local Artisan goods.

Scouted makers, Melyssa Kirn and Christine Kirn, of Grainwell in Cincinnati, Ohio, pose in their shop
Photography by Tasha Pinelo Photography.


Cincinnati, Ohio
Craftsmanship at its finest, helmed by two highly creative sisters, Grainwell’s bespoke signage and custom gifts are of the highest quality and made with love.

Silversmith Kate Montabone, of Seven J Silver in Snowmass, Colorado, poses in front of a barn
Photography by Brooke Casillas Welgos.

Seven J Silver

Snowmass, Colorado
Kate Montabone is a female silversmith creating one-of-a-kind custom western jewelry. From scarf slides and belt buckles to statement rings and cuffs, her pieces are unique and carefully crafted. 

Stainless steel deer shed antler replica by Scouted maker David Bzawy of Antler Design Concepts in Alberta, Canada, and Bozeman, Montana
Photography by Carling Stiksma Photo.

Antler Design Concepts

Alberta, Canada and Bozeman, Montana
After a storied career as an outfitter and guide, David Bzawy’s collection of shed Whitetail deer antlers inspired his unique art form: stunning hand-poured replicas of sheds in recycled bronze and stainless steel. This is your next coffee table centerpiece and conversation starter.

Bootmaker Chase De Forest of Livingston, Montana in her custom cowboy boot workshop
Photography by Chloe Nostrant.

Chase De Forest

Livingston, Montana
A mixed-media artisan with a flair for all things western, Scouted maker De Forest’s handcrafted custom cowboy boots are coveted far and wide, with designs that are true masterpieces.

photo of chairs by Scouted maker Jerri Hobdy, artisan and furniture maker and shop owner of Meno home in Denver. Colorado
Photography by Sara Ford Photography.

Meno Home

Denver, Colorado
Owner and artisan Jerri Hobdy is a furniture and lighting designer that creates a magnificent collection of pieces with heirloom quality. She also curates a selection of vintage pieces, in addition to a line of clean candles she creates inhouse.

Jewelry designer Christy Lea Payne of CLP Jewelry in Denver, Colorado wearing her jewerly
Photography by Sara Ford Photography.

CLP Jewelry

Denver, Colorado
Christy Lea Payne has been designing and making her own jewelry for over twenty years, and operates two thriving storefronts. Payne is one of the first jewelers to offer permanent jewelry in Denver.

Scouted maker Erin Pattern, owner of Tulsa Candle Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, pouring candles
Photography by Chloe Reed Photography.

Tulsa Candle Company

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Made in Tulsa by Erin Patterson, a former tech manager turned successful candle creator, Tulsa Candle Company offers clean, sustainable and unique candles that are perfect for gifting and come in a selection of seasonal scents.

Cammie Cutter, of Cammie Cutter Designs in Phoenix, Arizona, poses with one of her hand-painted Veuve Clicquot bottles.
Photography by Scott Foust Studios.

Cammie Cutter Designs

Phoenix, Arizona
Scouted maker Cammie Cutter creates custom hand-painted bottles of Veuve Clicquot for events and and to commemorate important life moments. She curates a personalized experience for each of her clients by working one-on-one with them to build the perfect bottle for their occasion and taste.

Scouted maker Janeen Kokodynski of Koko's Candles in Scottsdale, Arizona, poses with one of her candles
Photography by Scott Foust Studios.

Koko’s Candles

Scottsdale, Arizona
Years after the loss of her one-month-old son to a congenital heart defect, Janeen Kokodynski combined her love of candle-making and her commitment to the Children’s Heart Foundation and raising awareness and research funds to create Koko’s Candles. The candles are handcrafted and made with natural products. They offer customizable cork tops that can be catered to any occasion.

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