Style Consultant Services from The Wardrobe

Lesley Hern, owner stylist of The Wardrobe, with Betsy Niehoff, style consultant

Working with a stylist is an opportunity for individuality and sophistication to merge, which is why Lesley Hern and her team of style consultants at The Wardrobe offer the opportunity to redefine luxury and personal expression. Lesley and her team have a keen sense of style and point of view from The Wardrobe, which they can pair to their clients’ preferences in order to make them feel their best. 

The heartbeat of The Wardrobe lies in Lesley’s commitment to providing personalized styling services to clients and patrons who align and appreciate what The Wardrobe carries. Clients who are seeking individualized attention and guidance in styling—be it a closet clean out or personal shopping—can turn to the style consultants at The Wardrobe for an immersive and transformative experience. 

What sets The Wardrobe apart is its commitment to a modern sophisticated aesthetic, representing both national and international brands. The boutique’s carefully curated selection of designer pieces caters to a diverse range of tastes, ensuring that every client finds something that resonates with their individual style. This dedication extends to the styling process, where the team collaborates with clients to create looks that reflect their personality and leave a lasting impression.

When it comes to working with Lesley or any of the style consultants at The Wardrobe, clients can be as catered to as they’d like. Services range from closet clean outs, to personal shopping, to creating lookbooks, and sessions can range from once or twice for local clients, and up to three or four for those out of town. These sessions could also occur seasonally, or occasionally, depending on level of interest or need. 

To get a sense of what working with Lesley or a style consultant would be like, know that a typical relationship will begin with a meeting and consultation. This is an opportunity for the stylist to get to know a client and their style. The stylist will start here to learn what one’s style is, and determine if it matches what they want their style to be.

From there, they will get into the closet. This part will allow the style consultants to confirm whether or not what one has aligns with what they’re looking and hoping for above. Here is when the closet will get edited down. And after items in the closet have been purged and edited, the style consultant will step back and determine what needs to be added. 

At this point the style consultant will begin the work of creating a lookbook. This is an opportunity to pull things together and take photos—either as flat lays or the client wearing the outfits—in order to really see and outline what can be done when it comes to outfits, dressing, and styling for different occasions. 

Ultimately the entire process above is about getting to know a client and their style. Lesley and her team want to meet both the needs and goals of a client’s when it comes to dressing, to ensure that they feel nothing but good when it comes to their wardrobe. 

The Wardrobe in Mariemont is not merely a place to purchase clothing; it is an invitation to embrace one’s unique identity through the language of fashion. And Lesley and her team are here to not only help select styles for particular events and/or seasons, but to curate a wardrobe that fits one’s style and goals so that there can be effortless transitions from day to night, event to event, and beyond. Because of this commitment, know that The Wardrobe’s styling services are here to cater to the diverse needs of its discerning clientele.

Photos by RVP Photo