Ulrich, Inc's 10 Must Haves in Your Luxury Master Bath

Ulrich Inc top 10 must have in luxury primary bath.

When it comes to designing luxury bathrooms in Bergen County, Ulrich, Inc have proven for the past 75 years to be the experts. Aparna Vijayan, one of Ulrich, Inc’s resident experts, has been designing bathrooms of every shape and size over her long and successful career. She shares her top ten details that transform projects from a bathroom to luxury oasis.

Aparna Vijayan’s Top 10 Must Haves in Your Luxury Primary bath.

  1. A double vanity is a given and makes a primary bath, often used by two, uber functional.
  2. A performance shower – complete with body sprays, steam or even light or aroma therapy – replaces yesteryear’s whirlpool tub.
  3. A shower seat is a must as well – for both convenience and safety. 
  4. If you want to add a tub, freestanding soakers are popular. 
  5. Toilets with built-in bidets and heated seats are quite sought after as well. 
  6. Floor warming systems are a great addition, make the space extra comfortable, and are especially welcome in colder weather. 
  7. Add towel warmers to dry towels quickly and to avoid musty smells and make them toasty, warm for use!
  8. Hampers are a nice convenience as well.
  9. Add a dedicated makeup area with electric mirrors and magnifying mirrors for a relaxing place to get ready for the day or for a special event.
  10. Include something fun or a beautiful detail, such as a focal point of tile in the shower, or a tv in the mirror, that you will love to see or use every time you step in the room – worth the splurge!

Enjoy Aparna’s latest luxury primary bath:

Some Fun Facts from the Luxury Primary Bath project:

  • Theme of bath was Transitional Glam.
  • Cabinet Color is Alpine White.
  • Countertop is Quartzite.
  • Backsplash is a Polished Marble.
  • Flooring is Polished Porcelain.
  • Entry way dramatic sliding french doors were designed with a custom glass insert.

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