BDental Spa Small Business Journey

Our Small Business series provided us with opportunity to sit down with Dr. Sultan Sherzoy, the dynamic dental professional and founder of BDental Spa. There is a palpable positive energy at each of the BDental Spa locations and we learned this energy starts at the top with Dr. Sherzoy.

TSGBC: Would you share your education and early years as a dentist? Where did you practice when you first graduated from dental school? 

Dr. Sherzoy: After graduating from New York University Dental School in 1992, I began working at a dental practice in Manhattan. I remained there for 4 years and knew that my ultimate goal was to open my own practice.

TSGBC: When did you decide to open your first practice?

Dr. Sherzoy: In 1997, the opportunity presented itself to buy a 2 room practice in Bogota, New Jersey from a retiring dentist and I knew I had to embrace this new opportunity. I worked hard and my practice started to grow. Several years later, a professional building had a vacancy and I moved my growing practice to this new location which now enabled me to have 6 chairs. I rented the building for 3 years and in 2007, I was able to buy the building. My practice continued to grow and grow to the point where parking became an issue. Knowing this was a good problem, I started to look for a second location and opened an office in Totowa in 2016. In 2017, I once again purchased a retiring practice and expanded my practice to 8 rooms, which was very exciting.  

My dream had always been to open a practice close to my home in Old Tappan and with the second successful practice under my belt, I knew I could do a third. There was a new building in Norwood that fit my needs and I jumped on it. I now have 20 chairs and have been in business for 30 years.

Although my practice has grown, I have always kept my roots in Bogota and that is where the letter “b” in b Dental Spa comes from. My first office logo Bogota Dental Center has grown into b Dental Spas.

TSGBC: You are viewed as both a reputable dental expert and an amazing entrepreneur.  Do you consider yourself to be more of a dentist or an entrepreneur?

Dr. Sherzoy: Definitely, a dentist first. My purpose in life is to change people’s lives through dentistry. Dental health is imperative to both physical and mental health. I am an entrepreneur secondly.  As an entrepreneur,  I own 3 practices and have learned how to handle, coach and train my team.  Everyday I am learning something new and for that I am truly grateful.

TSGBC: How do you deal with fear & doubt as your BDental Spa empire continues to expand?

Dr Sherzoy: The doubt is always a voice in your head and to keep it quiet, you must believe in your vision. There will always be obstacles to work through, but if you stay true to yourself and your vision, you will be able to work through whatever obstacles you meet along the way.  I truly believe you must be uncomfortable before you are comfortable and uncomfort is the necessary evil you encounter in order to reach your full potential.

Push through the doubt and you will not regret your efforts.

TSGBC: What routines do you follow each day to keep your business life on track?

Dr. Sherzoy: Once I walk into the office, I am at work and my main focus is dentistry. Each morning starts with a 15 minute office meeting. We discuss the schedule for the day, review the appointments and procedures and of course, celebrate birthdays and good news stories from our team. My team knows that we leave our problems at the door and when we start our morning huddle (as I like to call it), we need to be focused on our patients and deliver quality care. We focus on the small details. I believe that from the moment a phone call is answered, my patients must receive exceptional care and customer service.  

We close each morning huddle with a tap on the table and as a group we shout, “show-time”. As I leave the huddle to begin my day, I too remind myself to stay focused on my patients.

TSGBC: How do BDental Spas look different now vs. when you first started?

Dr. Sherzoy: I always knew I wanted my own practice. I never thought of 2 or 3. The 2nd and 3rd practice grew organically without too much planning. I focused on delivering quality dentistry and when the opportunity presented itself to open my next office, I relied on help from professionals to help me truly understand the business side of multiple dental practices.  

Currently at BDental Spas we are a team of 9 dental professionals: 4 general dentists and 3 specialists. This is much different from my first practice where I was the whole show.  Although my numbers have grown, my love of dentistry and patient care is still the driving force in my life.  I guess for this reason you can say, nothing has really changed at BDental Spas and Dr. Sherzoy.

TSGBC: Where do you see yourself and your business in 5 years? 10?

Dr. Sherzoy: I have a 5 office vision for the future but I am not in a rush to get to this number.  It has to be right in timing and feel before I expand again. My 3 offices are my priority and they have to be where I want them before I even consider a fourth location. Quality dentistry takes work and for now, Bogota, Totowa and Norwood are my main focus.

TSGBC:  What is your favorite part of your entrepreneurial life?

Dr. Sherzoy: People! I am lucky to have the privilege of working with people all day long. I begin my day with my amazing staff and meet patients, some of whom are now friends, all day long. The technical part of my day is teeth but the final part is a happy experience. The happy experience is the most valuable final product.

TSGBC:  We have met your staff and they exude a true team spirit and think the world of you.  This speaks highly of you and your business. What qualities do you look for when hiring employees?

Dr. Sherzoy: Personality is first and foremost in the hiring protocol at BDentals Spas. I am drawn to high energy people. You must be able to look me in the eye, display energy and speak in an upbeat tone. We can train anyone on the technical side of our business, but we cannot train positivity and enthusiasm. The most important thing for me is that I know when my patients walk through the door, they will feel good. An atmosphere filled with a good aura helps patients relax. Everyone knows dental offices and procedures can elicit stress in patients. A cheerful, organized and professional office staff is a game changer.  

My staff is fantastic and because we have spent time getting to know each team member before hiring, we have had amazing success in adding team members. 

A great team creates a happy work environment. This happy work environment helps a patient’s anxiety be replaced with a confident sense of trust.

TSGBC:  What advice would you give to a young medical professional with an  entrepreneurial spirit?

Dr. Sherzoy: Empathy is essential in any human relationship and especially in a doctor patient relationship. As a physician, your first responsibility is to your patient. Once you have established a practice based on superior technical skills delivered with care, you can begin to consider expanding your practice and acting on your entrepreneurial dreams. It does not matter if you are a medical professional and an entrepreneur or strictly an entrepreneur, you must have empathy to be successful in any type of business. 

TSGBC: Fun Fact – If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would be the first thing you would do?

Dr. Sherzoy: Since I have opened up my practices, I have not had the opportunity to travel for more than two weeks at a time, so the first thing I would do would be to travel the world with my family. I would also love to help my staff, friends, and family who supported and helped me throughout my career and journey.

BDental Spa | 85 E Main St. Bogota New Jersey | Livingston St Norwood New Jersey | 360 US Highway 46 Totowa New Jersey | @bdentalspas