The Scout Guide Bergen County & Jersey Drinks: A Curated Cocktail Partnership

Crafted Cocktail by Jersey Drinks

For those of you who have followed The Scout Guide Bergen County since Volume 2, you know we love to share fabulous cocktails crafted by Lia Dionisio’s of Jersey Drinks. We are excited to announce a new partnership between @jerseydrinks and TSGBC. Lia will be sharing not only her well-crafted cocktails but her adventures in discovering the latest and greatest in the Bergen County cocktail scene.

A Little Bit About Lia

Lia is the Founder & Chief Cocktail Creator at Jersey Drinks. With over a decade in the alcohol industry, she has gained experience in consumer marketing, brand education & advocacy and event production serving a wide range of premium wine & spirit brands. Lia started Jersey Drinks with this niche expertise and her love for the art of a well-crafted cocktail. 

She understands first hand how intimidating (yet incredibly impressive!) bartenders at high-end cocktail bars may appear. Recognizing the disconnect between the bar and home imbibing, Lia encourages the at-home enthusiast with amazing recipes and how to video reels. Follow along with her at @jerseydrinks.

If the do-it-yourself cocktails are good for a Friday night at home, but you would like to elevate your cocktails for a bridal shower, birthday celebration, work bonding event and really anything you can dream up, Lia is available to bring her expertise to you in person.

A TSG Tip: schedule a group cocktail making class for your book club. The conversation will certainly be more colorful with Lia in the group.

February Cocktail

Our first cocktail to share is of course Valentine’s Day themed and we hope you enjoy celebrating with the special people in your life. When your cocktail is ready for a toast, snap a picture and tag @jerseydrinks & @tsgbergencounty. We love to see our Scouted finds in action.

Sparks Fly:

  • 1 oz Italicus Italian Liqueur (gin or vodka as substitute)
  • .75 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
  • .5 oz Raspberry Rosé Syrup (recipe in reels!)
  • San Pellegrino (or sun in Prosecco! 
  • Shake first three ingredients with ice. Strain into a wine glass over fresh ice, too with San Pellegrino & stir. Garnish with love & dried edible rose petals.

Lia Dionisio | Jersey Drinks | @jerseydrinks