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The evolution of engagement rings

Stewart Krell of F.Silverman Jewelers knows that the one constant in fashion is that it’s always changing. And just like haute couture style, jewelry trends also evolve and come back years later with a fresh, modern take. Take the style evolution of engagement rings – from minimalist solitaires to filigree mounts and the now popular elongated cut diamonds.

When you look at engagement ring trends and how they have changed over the past century, it’s obvious that some styles and settings are here to stay.


By the 1920s, the days of the minimalist solitaire had faded. Women became enamored with lace and white on white fashion clothing, which is reflected in the engagement rings of this decade. The roaring 20s were all about white platinum rings adorned with delicate lace-like detail framing a round center stone.


Art Deco was king during the 30s, characterized by bold geometric patterns, vibrant colors and extravagant ornamentation. Engagement rings of this era were geometric and featured layers of tiny diamonds throughout.


White gold became extremely fashionable in the 1940s and was the metal of choice for engagement rings. Intricate filigree designs were also popular during this decade.


A decade later, white gold fell out of favor, and yellow and rose gold became the norm for engagement ring bands, which were often made with elegant wirework featuring round-cut diamonds.


While the 50s were conservative and restrained, the 60s took a foray into fantasy. Simple round-cut diamonds were out and fancy cuts took their place. Engagement rings during this exciting decade had pear-shaped and marquis diamonds and dazzled with “Emerald cuts.” Platinum transplanted gold as the preferred metal.


70’s fashion may have been dominated by fringe and suede, but engagement rings remained relatively conservative. Channel set rings, in which small accent diamonds are set between two bands of metal, were all the rage.


What goes around comes around. The 80s saw a resurgence of the simple round-cut diamond engagement ring, sometimes flanked with baguettes.


Ten years later and the “Radiant Cut” – a square cut diamond — was trending. Frequently offset by unique triangular side stones, these rings captured the outlandish style of the 90s.

Early 2000s

Though it was created decades earlier, the “Princess Cut” became the favored style of engagement rings by the 2000s. Noted for its dramatic and elegant style, this square or slightly rectangular cut remains a top-seller.


Presently, elongated cut diamonds are all the hype!! These shapes include oval brilliant cut, emerald cut, radiant cut and elongated cushion cut diamonds. Because of their length, they’re an ideal center stone for many because they take up more real estate on the finger!

Looking for that perfect diamond ring for your bride to be? 

Whether your bride-to-be is a traditional romantic or a fashion-forward gal, we are confident you’ll find the perfect symbol of your love with F.Silverman’s helpful assistance and choice of stunning engagement rings by leading designers. If a custom diamond engagement ring is what you are looking for, Stew & his team can create a custom ring that is sure to dazzle your mate.

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