Branch to Branch's 5 tips to keep your trees healthy in the colder temperatures

Before we head into the deep freeze of winter in Bergen County, we asked our friends at Branch to Branch Tree Service to share their tips on how to keep our trees healthy during the winter. Keeping trees healthy ultimately saves money and more importantly keeps us safe.

  1. Fertilizing trees in the fall is important, particularly for deciduous trees.  It is imperative to replenish key nutrients to help them thrive season after season. A Branch to Branch favorite for your lawn care needs is Harvest Lawn Care.
  2. Covering plants with burlap will protect plants from a winter burn. Burlap is more effective than plastic because it allows the plant to breathe so air can circulate and heat is not trapped. For a do-it-yourself solution, try Home Depot’s burlap. Click here for burlap link.
  3. Protect from pests, especially DEER!  We know the deer in Bergen County are frequent visitors! Insects are not typically a problem in the winter, but a host of furry friends may visit your property during winter in search of food. Rabbits, mice and voles typically chew on branches to get to the moist layer just below the bark. Deer eat plants from top to bottom, and they often find pretty landscaping tastier than what is growing in the woods. You can create a physical barrier over or around the tree with deer netting, or wire mesh (like hardware cloth of chicken wire).      For a do-it-yourself solution, try your local hardware store or Home Depot. Click here for Home Depot link.
  4. Water – Drought-stressed plants from summer are more susceptible to cold damage, so watering plants a few days in advance of a cold snap is beneficial.  Watering just before any type of freeze can help too by creating warmth, the water loses its heat slowly over the hours due to the colder temperatures.   
  5. Mulch Rings – A few inches of mulch can keep trees warmer during the winter.  However, be sure not to pile any mulch or rocks directly around the base of the tree. The experts at Scenic Landscaping recommend mulch be placed around the trees. They also point out that it is important to only install about 2” inches of mulch. The reasoning being the 2″ inch recommendation is that as the mulch breaks down it creates new soil.  Too much soil and mulch around a tree will suffocate a tree and do more harm than good.

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