The Scout is out: Volume 12

The moment we’ve all been eagerly anticipating has arrived: The Scout Guide Richmond Volume 12 is finally here! From charming restaurants to chic boutiques, Volume 12 is your definitive guide to experiencing the very best that Richmond has to offer. Don’t miss your chance to grab a copy of The Scout Guide Richmond Volume 12. Keep reading to find out where to get your copy!

The Launch Party

On February 27th, The Scout Guide Richmond launched Volume 12 with one of the most gorgeous launch parties we have ever had. This magical evening was hosted by Whitney Cardozo at Chez Foushee.  The flowers were  by The Flower Guy Bron, rentals from The Event House, and the fabulous bow was created by UFAB Interiors. Thank you to Nikki Santerre for photographing the evening. It was a perfect night!  

Volume 12 Participants

We owe so much gratitude to our remarkable Richmond businesses for their participation & support. It is their dedication and passion that have made The Scout Guide Volume 12 possible. Within this year’s book you will find many unique businesses. From cozy restaurants, top of the line hotels and upscale boutiques, to the best service-based businesses, we celebrate them all. Their creativity, resilience, and generosity inspire us every day. So, whether you’re a longtime local or a newcomer eager to explore, we invite you to visit one of these  establishments and claim your copy of The Scout Guide Volume 12. 

Volume 12 Photographers

Along with a thank you to our business we also must thank the AMAZING photographers that captured this years book! 

Nikki Santerre

By Jacqui Photography

Ben White Photo

Jack Mayfield Photography

Also a big thank you to all of the other contributing photographers who allowed us to use their beautiful pictures.

And a big thank you to YOU our readers for the constant love and support for us and our city!


Cheney is originally from Norfolk, Va. She graduated from Norfolk Academy and then Randolph Macon College which led her to Richmond after graduation. Cheney met her husband, Berkeley, in Richmond but they were quickly moved to Baltimore for work and ended up living in Annapolis, Maryland for 15 years. Cheney adored living in a really small town and getting to know all the shop owners. This set her up for the next chapter of her life when she and her family moved back to Richmond. When her three children were kindergarten age she fell into the job of Richmond Editor and hasn’t looked back. Her favorite part of being The Scout Guide Richmond Editor over the past ten years has been meeting all of the business owners. Cheney has met countless passionate small business owners, and loves showing a piece of their souls on the pages of the guide. Cheney is a foodie and a lover of live music. Richmond is the perfect town for these hobbies and it is her job to make sure you all are in the know. Glad you are following along!