Alexandra Naranjo’s Trendsetting Insights for 2024!

Let us introduce you to Alexandra Naranjo Designs – an award-winning, full-service interior design firm with over two decades of experience!

Originally established in Toronto, Alexandra Naranjo has flourished here in Palm Beach!

Her portfolio radiates undeniable brilliance  – a dazzling showcase of one-of-a-kind designs seamlessly marrying function and comfort!

And her approach? Personalized artistry – taking on a select number of clients to ensure each project receives her undivided attention.

Her signature style  – Spirited, Fresh, and Timeless! Sounds like a breath of fresh air!

In 2021, Alexandra Naranjo stole the spotlight in Palm Beach as she participated in the Kips Bay Decorator Show House. Her bold and unexpected use of color, showcased in the primary bath with a DeGournay scenic wallpaper sealed behind glass, resonated with the community.

“The reaction of both the press and the public was so wonderful, I immediately felt as though I had been embraced by a community that truly understood my aesthetic- so much so that I was hired on the spot to totally reimagine a Mediterranean revival villa for a Palm Beach family. From that moment, I knew that I belonged here,” reflected Alexandra Naranjo.

We are so thrilled she has established a vibrant new showroom and studio on Antique Row in West Palm Beach!

So, what are the next big things on the design horizon for 2024?

Alexandra herself spills the beans on the latest and greatest!

1. Layered Interiors: A Departure from Minimalism

According to Alexandra Naranjo, we can expect a departure from the minimalistic designs with a predominately white color palette and look forward to an eclectic mix!

“The waning of the austere white box aesthetic filled with either vintage or reproduction midcentury modern furniture, and a return to more eclectic, interesting and thoughtfully layered interiors. Antiques are no longer a dirty word, thankfully,” affirmed Alexandra.

Oh, how fabulous! The prospect of breaking free from the constraints of a monotonous design era and embracing the vibrancy of diverse, layered interiors is thrilling!

2. The Resurgence of Color

Known for her exceptional use of color, Naranjo predicts a return to the significance of color in interior design!

“Along with the progression away from all white or neutral interiors, color in general is finally returning as a valued aspect of fine interior design. Rather than talking about specific palettes, as colors in general, it’s the sophistication of colors that’s key. Nothing can look “out of the tube.” Whatever color it may be, it must be rich and meaningful, with a certain saturation and depth that shows real thought. Color needs a reason to be there.”

We adore this! Here at The Scout Guide, we’re all about celebrating the vibrant and meaningful role of color!! Alexandra is our go-to for inspiration because in her designs, color is not just a feature  – it’s the heartbeat!

3. Reviving Artistry in Craftsmanship

 Alexandra anticipates a return of authentic craftsmanship in the domain of materials and textiles, infusing that personal touch of the human hand! 

“Gone are the days of slick, too-perfect soulless environments that have no depth or character,” shared Alexandra.

4. Technological Elegance: Preserving the Ambiance with Smart Controls

In terms of technology, Alexandra highlights the ability to preset lighting effects and adjust window treatments through smartphones or voice commands. The integration of technology ensures that the desired ambiance, carefully crafted by the designer, can be effortlessly recreated by the client.

“Between motorization, remote controls and integrated settings, I can leave a project with a clear conscience that it will always look the way I had planned it. Now, if only someone could come up with self-plumping pillows,” she humorously added.

Thank goodness for the conveniences of technology! As for those self-pluming pillows, we look forward to that idea coming to fruition!  

5. Global Glamour

For the evolving aesthetic of Palm Beach décor, Alexandra so beautifully said, “Palm Beach has its own decor vocabulary, based on tradition and environment. But so much of that is changing dramatically and, I believe, for the better. Again, it’s the presence of the human hand, whether it’s a batik or a warp printed fabrics, hand painted wallcoverings, hand-thrown ceramics… it doesn’t matter from which geographical location or culture it came from, it just needs to look the opposite of mass-produced or cliché, and, for want of a better word, worldly. Why not add decorative pillows made from Indian saris to a traditional English sofa? Or refinish a French chair in a fabulous high gloss finish? We’re a global society, and our interiors should reflect that wonderful aspect of life.” 

It’s a celebration of global chic, where every element tells a story! We can’t wait to see these fabulous ideas come to life!

As we embark on the design journey of 2024, Alexandra Naranjo’s insights promise a departure from the ordinary, inviting us to embrace bold colors, intentional layering, and the rich tapestry of worldly influences!

For more inspiration and design delights, check out Alexandra Naranjo Design’s incredible portfolio and Instagram @alexandradecorista!

Written by TSG Palm Beach Contributing Editor, Jana Piragic.