Luxury Custom Homes Built to Perfection: Sciame Homes

Sciame Homes, a luxury custom home builder, is enhancing the upscale ambiance of Palm Beach with their lavish, palatial homes.

A deep commitment to prioritizing client needs and always striving for excellence is of paramount importance to Sciame Homes. They recognize the significance of servicing the most discerning residents of Palm Beach and will ensure every detail of your dream home is brought to life.

Sciame Homes understands the high caliber of service needed to impress ultra-affluent clients.

Andrew Sciame, President of Sciame Homes, attributes his understanding of exceptional customer service to his father, Frank J. Sciame Jr. of the award-winning Sciame Construction Company. Andrew was immersed in the construction industry from a young age, endowing him with a wealth of experience.

Andrew’s impressive background in the industry established a solid foundation, yet it is his unwavering drive, enthusiasm, and energy that captures the attention of the highly esteemed families of Palm Beach.

Andrew Sciame along with his partner, Jim Hiler, established Sciame Homes approximately 10 years ago. Similar brand and the same values as Sciame Construction Company but a separate entity as Sciame Homes focuses on building and renovating luxury homes in Palm Beach.

 Andrew is highly enthusiastic about fulfilling his client’s vision. To quote him, “We are obsessive about giving the clients what they want!” 

Sciame Homes has established trusting relationships with preeminent subcontractors to ensure you receive top-notch service and craftsmanship. Collaboration with designers or other professionals brought on by the client is always welcomed. Sciame Homes is committed to utilizing all their resources to deliver for their valued clients.

Building a luxury home offers you the opportunity to infuse your home with your lifestyle and personality. From conception to completion, Sciame Homes will work closely with you to create a stunning home that flawlessly fits your needs. They will meticulously curate premium materials, integrating sophisticated entertaining and lighting systems, and cutting-edge smart integration features to craft a home that is perfectly tailored to meet your unique needs. Your luxury home will be impeccably crafted, reflecting your discerning taste and meet your utmost comfort.

Sciame Homes possesses distinguished expertise in elevating the aesthetic appearance of a home’s exterior.  From exquisite facades to serene gardens, luxurious pools, and even waterfront docks, they provide the highest stands of excellence and artistry to ensure your home exudes elegance and style.

Andrew’s motto is “we want to be invited back for dinner!”

Navigating the intricacies of building or renovating a custom home requires a close working relationship with open lines of communication. That’s why Sciame Homes is committed to ensuring both the final product and the journey toward it bring you joy and satisfaction.

Have you heard this saying?: Home building/renovating cost twice as much and takes twice as long as initially projected?

When you entrust the expertise of Sciame Homes, this notion couldn’t be further from the truth! Their focus centers around delivering superior quality, maintaining strict timelines, and adhering to budgets with the utmost accuracy.

The experienced team of professionals at Sciame Homes are thoroughly equipped to handle all logistical issues that may arise with building an extravagant custom home. Their diligent process of logging, preparing with backup, ­­­meticulous spreadsheet computing, budgeting, and tracking ensure your process of building or renovation will be seamless. 

Andrew proudly pays homage to his father for founding a family dynasty of upscale construction with exceptional customer service. Andrew’s brother and brother-in-law have also launched their own luxury residential construction venture, Sciame Homes of New York.

Andrew praises his wife, Kelly, for embracing the uncertainty as they moved from New York to Palm Beach. Along with their notable experience in construction, they brought a refreshing and invigorating present to Palm Beach. Andrew and Kelly work side by side every day and are raising two beautiful children together.

As for the future of Sciame Homes, they are continuing to grow! They have become a leading luxury builder on Palm Beach but expand throughout Palm Beach County. To better serve their cherished clientele, Sciame Homes is relocating to the Flamingo Park Market Building in West Palm Beach!

Sciame Homes aspires to leave an unforgettable mark on Palm Beach, embedding a lasting legacy for generations to come. In partnership with the owners and design team, they envision being remembered as a leader in the industry, having made significant contributions to society through the creation of exceptional residential properties.

Written by TSG Palm Beach Contributing Editor, Jana Piragic.