Exotic luxury for local shoppers: Lana Marks Handbags

Are you familiar with Lana Marks?

Of course you are – you just might not realize it!

With a longstanding history of red carpet appearances and deeply loyal international clientele, Lana Marks established itself many years ago as a luxury heritage brand, with a sort of, “if you know, you know” cult following.

In an age of fast fashion and low quality, Lana Marks is anything but.

It truly exemplifies a heritage brand – high quality, bespoke materials, expert craftsmanship, and limited quantities.

They use only the finest exotic imported leathers – alligator, crocodile, ostrich and lizard – which in an increasing rarity in modern manufcaturing.

Subtle branding puts extra emphasis on all the aforementioned – you appreciate the bag for all that it is, and less so for “who” it is.

Now under the leadership of Tiffany Marks Isaacs, daughter of founder Lana, the company is poised for a modern-day rebirth.

To say Tiffany is busy is an understatement: on any given day, she’s designing a new silhouette, buying materials from the factory, or popping into the Worth Ave flagship – all while being a mom of three!

We’re so thankful she found the time to catch up with us last week, sharing the rich history of the brand and what the future of Lana Marks looks like.

This story has the ingredients of so many that we love – Mother/Daughter relationships, female founders, and covetable luxury goods. Local ownership, to boot!

“My mom started the company when I was around six years old, so I was really immersed in the business from a young age,” shared Tiffany.

Prior to launching her successful handbag company, founder Lana, who has “lived many lives,” according to her daughter, was a professional tennis player. After a search for the perfect handbag to pair with a new red suit fell flat, she took matters into her own hands – and decided to design one herself!

Joked Tiffany, “She doesn’t take no for an answer – when it comes to anything!”

Realizing the niche she had uncovered, Lana continued the momentum and designed 5-6 additional bags, which were quickly picked up by major accounts like Saks, Harrod’s, Bergdorfs and more.

Ultimately she opened her own branded stores in key locations like New York, Aspen, LA and Palm Beach.

Meanwhile – without yet understanding it – Tiffany was receiving an education not only in luxury handbags, but world travel as well.

Reflecting on that era she said, “My mom had so many international accounts that we were always traveling to London or various places to visit…We’d go to Italy on holiday and I’d sit in the factories for eight hours while my mom had meetings!”

“I grew up around it so at the time, I didn’t really think anything of it,” she added.

Flash forward to modern day, where Tiffany sits at the helm of the family business.

She’s doing an exemplary job of honoring the brand’s heritage and past – while evolving it forward in a relevant, modern way.

“I wanted to kind of start again in America,” shared Tiffany. “I took over two months before Covid hit, and I wanted to get back to basics. Younger designs, lower pricepoints, and really showing what we’re known for – color!”

She continued, “I want to represent what our core customer looks for while also introducing a younger generation to the brand. Everyone’s parents and grandparents are familiar with Lana Marks but our generation, not as much.”

Tiffany is making that happen with a range of new silhouettes on the horizon for Spring/Summer – make sure to keep your eyes peeled, because they’ll go fast!

Luckily for you, and all of the adoring Lana Marks fans, Tiffany and the team are incredibly accommodating when it comes to special requests for personalized styles.

“We’ll have people come in with shoes or swatches from dresses, requesting a certain handbag that matches back – color, material, lining…it’s all fully customizable,” shared Marks.

Along with revamping the product, Tiffany made a strategic physical shift for the Palm Beach store, moving it to a more high-traffic, lively location, known affectionately as a jewel box.

Now that you have the backstory, let’s show you the goods!

Here are some of our personal favorites from the collection.

(Everything comes in MANY more colors, so checking the website is crucial!)

The Aspen Tote in Black Alligator

2. The Palm Beach Tote in Orange Ostrich / Raffia

3. The Capri Clutch in Bright Fuchsia Lizard

4. The Princess Diana in Emerald Alligator

Visit Lana Marks here in Palm Beach at 23 Via Mizner, Palm Beach, FL 33480, or online at www.lanamarks.com.

Written by TSG Contributing Editor, Kate Rowan