Hive Collective: Transforming Palm Beach with Style and Generosity

This isn’t a tale of a thriving business (although it totally is!), or a showcase of their ability to give you the most elegant home and lifestyle (although trust us, they can!) or flaunting of the chicest clothing in Palm Beach (although they’ve got that covered too!).

No, this is a story of philanthropy and community improvement!

Hive Collective stands as a testament to the transformative power of one woman’s vision: Sara McCann.

Sara McCann began her journey as interior designer and founded the renowned McCann Design Group.

Sara’s trajectory from design to iconic brand creative is nothing short of inspiring.

Beyond creating the most beautiful spaces in Palm Beach, she embarked on a journey that birthed a brand synonymous with luxury living in Palm Beach: McCann Design Group (2000), Hive Home, Gift & Garden (2013), Hive Clothing Boutiques (2019), and Hive Bakery & Café (2022).

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Sara’s transformative touch has revitalized Dixie Highway, turning it into the now celebrated ‘Norton Dining and Design District,’ adjacent to downtown. It’s been incredibly to witness such a positive change!

She’s not just a savvy businesswoman; she’s also a generous and dedicated philanthropist at heart. Her faith serves as a compass, leading her towards gratitude and a profound sense of duty to give back to the very community that has enriched her life.

Live, Love, Local – that’s the essence of Sara!

We at The Scout Guide can’t help but admire her and everything she’s done and continues to do for our community!

Through Hive Collective, Sara has set a new standard for refined living in Palm Beach. Her legacy of generosity and community betterment is poised to inspire generations to come.

And guess what? Hive Collective is celebrating their 10th anniversary this month!!

To honor this milestone, Sara McCann has come up with something truly special  – “10 Days of Giving.”

It’s an expression of gratitude, their way to give back to the community that has wholeheartedly supported them over the past decade.

From Saturday, November 11th to Wednesday, November 22nd of 2023, Hive Home, Gift & Garden and Hive for Her, Him & Kids will be more than just stores; they will be beacons of hope and positive change. During these TEN days, a generous TEN percent of all proceeds will be divided among TEN charitable organizations to celebrate Hive Collectives’ TEN years!

Get ready to be inspired as we sit down with the wonderful Sara McCann herself in an exclusive Q & A session!

TSG: The evolution of Hive Collective from the McCann Design Group is a truly impressive journey. Could you walk us through how you transformed your background in interior design into a dynamic brand with multiple successful businesses?

Sara McCann: With McCann Design Group, we noticed a gap in the marketplace for a store to go to in order to complete the last 10% of a house. When traveling to other cities, I saw quite a bit of product unavailable locally.  To make the design process even easier for McCann Design Group clients, we wanted to have products available for them to see in person, saving a trip down to the Design Center.  From there, we saw the need for men’s, women’s, and kids’ clothing and we have organically added to that assortment over the years.

TSG: We are absolutely enchanted by the transformative touch your businesses have brought to Dixie Highway! Your dedication and visionary contributions to our community are deeply admirable, leaving an impact that we are immensely grateful for. Would you be so kind to share with us your vision for Hive Collective?

Sara McCann: We have continually noticed opportunities within our existing businesses that we have been very excited to take to the next level.  With the growth of West Palm Beach and Palm Beach, we would like to continue to expand a couple of our brand categories, including bed and bath, to meet the growing market demand.

TSG: Congratulations on your 10-Year Anniversary Celebration of HIVE! It’s truly inspiring to see how you’ve not only established thriving businesses but are also dedicated to giving back to the community. Could you share with us why philanthropy holds such a special place in your heart?

Sara McCann: We have been so fortunate to be supported by our community and want to give back through local charities that reflect our key values and company culture.

TSG: The name “Hive” carries a depth of symbolism. You have elegantly woven the intricate details of this symbol throughout Hive Collective. Could you delight us with more about the inspiration behind this name, Hive?

Sara McCann: As we were thinking of names for the store, Hive came to mind because it is another word for home and a hive has many members working together to create something bigger. As well, Honey is symbolic of the word of God and is associated with abundance and prosperity. We have strived for a collaborative environment that supports team building.

TSG: Your mastery in curating Hive Collective, which epitomizes the quintessential Palm Beach style, is truly remarkable! How do you manage to capture the essence of this distinct aesthetic so flawlessly across multiple domains (design, gifts, clothing, and even your cafe!)?

Sara McCann: My family and I have lived in Palm Beach for over 25 years and have had the opportunity to build/renovate/furnish many homes during that time, helping me hone in on the Palm Beach aesthetic, both home and clothing. It helps to live in such a beautiful place with so much to be inspired by.

Explore Hive Collective online or give their Instagram a peek for a dose of Palm Beach luxury and living!





Written by TSG Palm Beach Contributing Editor, Jana Piragic.