Fabulously Fit: The Yoga Society

Yoga is like a rejuvenating elixir for our bodies and minds.

It’s not just about striking cool poses (although that’s part of the fun)! Yoga boosts flexibility, strength, and balance while giving stress the boot!

It’s like a magic potion for your posture, helping you stand tall and fabulous!

Plus, with its calming breathing techniques, yoga turns down the volume on life’s craziness. It’s like a VIP pass to inner peace.

And guess what? It has serious health perks! From heart-boosting moves to digestion-friendly twists.

This is exactly why we head over to The Yoga Society!

The Yoga Society, located downtown on Clematis Street, leaves you feeling amazing after every class.

The phenomenal teachers and energizing music motivate you to push your limits, making each class the best you’ve ever experienced.  

Meet Holly Miller Weston, the radiant woman behind The Yoga Society!

A Palm Beach Native, Holly embarked on a transformative journey to New York and California before finding her way back to the beautiful shores of Palm Beach. It was in the heart of New York City where her love affair with yoga began.

Returning to Palm Beach, Holly’s life unfolded with beautiful complexity – a chapter of marriage with three children, a divorce, a remarriage, and the expansion of her family to five kids!

Through it all, her top priority has always been her kids. She loves having a big family and cherishes her journey through motherhood.  

Life took an unexpected turn when Holly faced breast cancer, a battle she courageously conquered thanks to her due diligence with early detection and intervention. Currently, she stands as a living embodiment of health, vitality, and the power of resilience.

Her aura radiates peace and her authentic presence has sculpted The Yoga Society into more than a space for yoga – it’s a community.

Here she is – the heart, soul, and founder of The Yoga Society  – Holly Miller Weston!

TSG: You are truly an inspiration! Your strength and resilience are admirable. Running a successful yoga studio on top of everything else speaks volumes of your remarkable spirit! What drives you to push boundaries and excel in all that you do?

Holly Miller Weston: Yesterday, someone said to me, “You don’t even realize, Holly, how many people’s lives you affect and how many people you make feel good every day.” And to me that’s everything. To know that people can come to the studio and feel better about themselves. Or in some way, this yoga is healing people, not only physically but mentally. And I feel personally, this studio supported me through my hard times – in my divorce, through cancer. I had this cheerleading team supporting me.

TSG: The incredible instructors and classes at The Yoga Society leave us feeling energized! There is an undeniable magic to your studio! What do you believe sets The Yoga Society apart from other yoga studios?

Holly Miller Weston: I feel like we’re super inviting. A lot of people are really scared of yoga. You hear, “Oh, I don’t want to do, yoga. It’s so intimidating. I’m not flexible. I don’t know what I’m doing.” I feel like there’s a very lightness to our studio. It’s not that ‘serious yoga’ – you go in there and you laugh! It’s uplifting, empowering, inspiring, and it’s fun at the end of the day!

TSG: Your class rates are remarkably reasonable, offering a fantastic opportunity for people to enhance their health and wellness without breaking the bank!

Holly Miller Weston: I want my yoga to be accessible to everybody. I think that’s the beauty of this studio… you have kids from 16 [and] you have people to 80. Yoga is for everyone! It’s so fun sitting in the lobby seeing all walks of life and all ages coming together with this common love of Yoga.

TSG: We absolutely love the health benefits of yoga; combining physical strength, flexibility, and balance with mental clarity, stress reduction, and a sense of inner peace. Given your extensive experience and passion for yoga, could you share what you find the be the most beneficial aspect of practicing yoga?

Holly Miller Weston: I love how it makes my body feel and I love the way it makes my mind feel. For me, it’s like I get to this point where I’m moving with my breath. I get into this moving meditation. I’m just completely present. My mind stops the chatter. It’s finding peace through your breath. I get to this place of meditation where the mind is just complete clarity.

TSG: Your studio on Clematis Street is truly a gem! We just love those expansive windows! We’re curious, do you have any plans to host pop-up events in Palm Beach? Or are you considering opening a second location for the winter season?

Holly Miller Weston: Yes, in The Paramount [on Palm Beach Island]. We’re doing a pop-up through May! There will be a few classes a day staggered at different times than [The Yoga Society on] Clematis.

TSG: We heard you’re hosting a yoga retreat in Costa Rica, in June of 2024 – that sounds absolutely amazing! Could you share some details about what participating yogis can look forward to during this retreat?

Holly Miller Weston: It’s in Nosara, Costa Rica which is one of the Blue Zones of the world!  (Blue Zones are five specific regions of the world where people experience the lowest rates of chronic disease and live the longest lives). We stay at this magical resort, called the Bodhi Tree, and there’s everything there. There are these gorgeous Yoga Shalas. There are monkeys in the trees.  You feel like you’re in this exotic jungle! There’s yoga twice a day. There are Kundalini classes and Reiki. The food is super healthy, clean, [and] delicious! Then there are tons of activities – if you want to learn to surf, it’s the easiest, most beautiful place to surf! You can take ATVs to waterfalls. You can go horseback riding on the beach. They have one of the highest zip lines in the world with 13 obstacles, which is awesome! We do this coffee scrub, and then jump into the ocean to cleanse! It’s just a trip that everybody comes back to because it’s just magical!

Not only does The Yoga Society offer invigorating classes with extraordinary instructors but Holly also extends an opportunity for aspiring yoga instructors to earn their certification under her guidance.

Everyone is invited to embrace the transformative power of yoga at The Yoga Society  – from beginners to those effortlessly soaring into handstands!

So why wait? Because let’s face it, being healthy isn’t just a trend – it’s always in style!

Explore more on The Yoga Society’s website and Instagram @theyogasocietypb.