Exclusive Interview: Behind the Luxurious Brands of The Colony & LoveShackFancy

We are honored to share with you two remarkable women who we admire and respect so very much.

They are the epitome of luxury and fashion, creative geniuses, and are the driving forces behind two iconic brands!

Introducing Sarah Wetenhall, the Owner and CEO of The Colony Palm Beach, and Rebecca Hessel Cohen, the Founder and Creative Director of LoveShackFancy!

The Colony is fabulously known as Palm Beach’s Pinkest Hotel! No doubt you’ve stayed, dined, or strolled past this pink palace as it is nestled in the heart of Palm Beach – just steps from our pristine beaches and the haute couture Worth Avenue.

Two women smiling at the camera with one dressed in a floral summer dress and the other in a chic white and pink ensemble, standing in an elegantly decorated room with ornate mirrors, where a lively gathering with guests in various dresses indicative of The Scout Guide's stylish community events is taking place in the background.
Rebecca Hessel Cohen and Sarah Wetenhall, 2024 Visionaries, The Colony, March 14, 2024. Photo: Carrie Bradburn/CAPEHART

We have fallen in love with ALL things LoveShackFancy! Rebecca has stolen our hearts with her whimsical designs from feminine lace dresses to opulent perfumes and dreamy bedding collections.

We simply can’t get enough of the magic these two women have brought to our lives.

Sarah and Rebecca recently spoke at the 2024 Visionaries Luncheon and our very own Stacey Leuliette, the Owner and Editor of The Scout Guide Palm Beach, got an exclusive interview!

Alt text: An elegant boutique interior sketch featuring a curated selection of clothing and accessories that evoke the essence of The Scout Guide. Delicate floral arrangements and chic decor enhance the boutique's sophisticated and inviting atmosphere.
Photo: LoveShackFancy

Without further ado Sarah Wetenhall and Rebecca Hessel Cohen!

Stacey Leuliette: The Scout Guide is entirely female founded and owned across over 85 markets. As a female business owner myself, I am proud to be a part of a women owned business and love partnering with other like-minded brands to share our story. What do you see as being the biggest strength of being a women owned business?

Sarah Wetenhall: Palm Beach is no stranger to powerful women. Trailblazers such as Lilly Pulitzer, Ann Norton, and Marjorie Merriweather Post have helped shape our island, and now our generation of female founders, philanthropists, and businesswomen are leading it into the future.  This strong community of women has helped make me a better and more collaborative leader.  We learn from each other, inspire each other, and encourage each other to work harder and smarter.  The Colony Hotel is no different.  Inherently female, The Colony is a better hotel because of the women who work here and have left their mark here.

Rebecca Hessel Cohen: As women leaders, it’s important to lead by example, design the pieces we want to wear for how we want to feel and create the beautiful world we want to live in. I was raised by a hardworking mother who did just that; she taught me to dream big and work hard. And so I did just that. LoveShackFancy is a female-owned and female-led brand built through girl power, femininity, dedication, collaboration, and passion. I’m beyond proud to work alongside so many exceptional women who celebrate and cheer each other daily and make LoveShackFancy possible. Through LoveShackFancy, I hope to pave the way for the next generation of female leaders.

A serene poolside setting with lush greenery, elegant green and white striped pool umbrellas, and coordinating deck chairs, embodying the luxurious lifestyle featured in The Scout Guide.
Photo: The Colony Palm Beach

Stacey Leuliette: We all share a background in luxury fashion and PR, with a lot of experience at Brand partnerships and collaborations. What was the most memorable or successful partnership you have enjoyed as a brand that was a ‘game changer’ for you?

Sarah Wetenhall: Our partnership with Aerin Lauder, who designed Villa Jasmine in 2021, was one of my favorite and most memorable collaborations. From a design perspective, it captures the natural beauty and old-world glamour of Palm Beach, while striking a balance between the classic and contemporary style that is quintessentially Aerin. From a marketing perspective, it was a dream come true.  Not only were Aerin and her team wonderful to work with, but this partnership started a narrative that is still going strong 3 years later.  Guests and press still reference the “Aerin Villa” and it set the bar high for our more recent collaborations with Goop and Chairish.

Rebecca Hessel Cohen: We have been fortunate to partner with so many incredible brands over the years and are very excited for all the more to come. As for game-changers, we recently partnered with The Gap, marrying our aesthetic with theirs. It was epic! We also partnered with Sephora to launch Beauty with three award-winning, sell-out perfumes! Stay tuned, as we have something major coming very soon!

Stacey Leuliette: As a creative myself, I am constantly looking for inspiration from my friends and family, my travels, as well as through fellow editors. You both have shared about finding inspiration in both familiar and new places as you grow in your roles. What advice can you give to a young entrepreneur about staying inspired and the tools that have helped you get where you are today?

Sarah Wetenhall: While travel is a natural source of discovery, I’m very lucky to live in two places you don’t have to leave to be inspired.  It’s safe to say that New Yorkers and Palm Beachers, while on different ends of the spectrum, are fashion mavens, trend setters, and risk takers. I am eternally inspired by the people I see every day and make a conscious effort to keep my eyes and ears open so I don’t miss a thing.  Social media has also been a great source of inspiration for me when it comes to fashion, travel, and lifestyle.  My “Saved” folder on Instagram is full of great and inspiring content that I continually reference.

Rebecca Hessel Cohen: At LoveShackFancy, every piece begins with vintage; therefore, whenever I travel, I scour vintage markets for beautiful laces and antique pieces that tell a story. Beyond that, pop culture and daily life inspire me, too, and allow us to stay trend-relevant in our own way.  

My best advice to any new founder is to be curious and discover new places, antiques, and cultures; you never know what could spark your next great idea. Also, stay true to yourself and what inspires you. Starting a brand can be challenging, with a lot of noise and opinions; therefore, sticking to your vision and following your instinct is the key to success.  Lastly, surround yourself with a smart team that does the things you could be stronger at. 

Pink colonial style building with palm trees and a white awning over the entrance, reminiscent of a location highlighted by The Scout Guide.
Photo: The Colony Palm Beach

Stacey Leuliette: Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. There are joys and challenges, celebrations, and frustrations- and that can all happen in one day! How do you manage the demands of running your own business and being a wife and mother, and more? Furthermore, how do you manage your day-to-day so you can be your best self, both mentally and physically?

Sarah Wetenhall: It’s tough and a delicate balance but, after 7 years of traveling back and forth for this job, I’ve become better and more comfortable at managing my time.  I’ve been forced to become a better editor of my life, focusing on only those things I have to do and want to do.  Weeding out everything else has helped clear my head, allowing me to be more present.  It has also allowed me to carve out time for my own health and wellness.  Traveling is tough on the body so I’ve definitely made an effort to work out more, eat healthy, and get more sleep when I can.

Rebecca Hessel Cohen: From my home to my wardrobe to how I entertain, LoveShackFancy is truly an extension of who I am and want to reach. It’s all-consuming. The lines between work and home life are incredibly blurred. My life is LoveShackFancy. My home is LoveShackFancy. Every aspect of my world is the brand. But I love what I do so much; it truly reflects my girls and me! 

A charming boutique entrance is adorned with an arch of lush artificial flowers, featuring an array of pinks and whites, creating an inviting and picturesque scene that embodies the essence of The Scout Guide's celebration of local beauty and style. Elegant floral curtains frame the view into the interior where a collection of stylish dresses is displayed, and potted plants add a touch of greenery to the black and white checkered floor, welcoming visitors to a space where attention to detail and aesthetics is paramount.
Photo: LoveShackFancy Palm Beach at The Royal Poinciana Plaza

Stacey Leuliette: You both have built incredible brands that are now household names and recognized across generations. What’s next for you both?

Sarah Wetenhall: When I said I’m trying to be more present, I really did mean that!  I haven’t thought about what’s next.  I’m having too much fun in the moment doing what I’m doing.  What I work towards though is cultivating this legacy brand for our community and my children, who I hope will do the same for generations to come. 

Rebecca Hessel Cohen: Last September, we entered the world of beauty with three award-winning perfumes, and this May we are expanding on that with the launch of something major. Stay tuned! Beyond that, I can’t wait to share several exciting collaborations in new categories this spring and summer! And on April 25th, we are also expanding our home collection to include incredible tabletop and bedding. I’m so passionate about antiques and vintage furniture and our Home collection is an essential part of our brand DNA; it truly brings together the world of LoveShackFancy.

A warmly lit bedroom following The Scout Guide aesthetic, featuring soft pink walls. The room is elegantly furnished with a large bed with a patterned scalloped headboard, white bedding, and a skirt that matches the headboard's fabric. To the left, a wicker armchair sits beside a flat surface hosting books and a flower vase, complementing the coordinated drapes and valance over a window that offers a view of green foliage. On the right, a bedside table holds an arrangement of red flowers, enhancing the charming decor. The room is completed with ambient lighting from wall-mounted lamps and an overall inviting atmosphere.
Photo: The Colony Palm Beach renovated rooms by Kemble Interiors and Society Social

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The Colony

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Website: www.loveshackfancy.com

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