Clean Car, Clear Mind: Discover Mint Eco Car Wash’s Newest Location Off Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard

Exterior view of Mint Eco Car Wash

Mint Eco Car Wash is an award-winning eco-friendly car wash with locations throughout Palm Beach County!

They believe (and we at The Scout Guide agree!!) that a clean car has the power to uplift your spirit and make you feel more positive about your day! 

We are excited to share Mint Eco Car Wash will be opening a brand-new location at 1890 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard in West Palm Beach, right near the Tanger Outlets!

Mark your calendars for the ultimate car spa experience. Grand Opening Weekend is September 1-4, which kicks off FREE wash week for West Palm Beach from September 1-September 8! Some dates to look forward to include: 

August 24th: Exclusive VIP Kickoff Event 

August 25th: Public Ribbon Cutting at 8:00AM, Grand Opening Live Broadcast 11:30AM – 1:30PM with the KVJ Show, and Free Chick-fil-A for the first 300 guests!

September 1st: Virginia from KVJ radio broadcasting live from 11:30AM-1:30PM and Free Chick-fil-A for the first 300 guests!

September 2nd: ESPN Street Team 11:00AM-1:00PM and Free Chick-fil-A for the first 300 guests!

September 3rd: Free Mint Eco Dog Bandanas and Dog Treats

September 4th: Free Gorgie all natural energy drinks to the first 300 guests!

There will be more surprises throughout the two weeks of free washes, so be sure to follow them on Instagram, @mintecocarwash, so you don’t miss a moment!

But wait, there’s more!! Mint Eco Car Wash will be offering a limited time unlimited Club Membership. Join their Protection Plan for just $1 for the first month.

And if you’re ready for some spook-tacular fun… brace yourself for the first Haunted Car Wash Tunnel experience in Palm Beach County coming this October! 

Mint Eco Car Wash has re-invented washing cars with the motto “A Fresh Approach to Washing Cars.” Their mission is simple – to make people happy!

Woman in Jeep greeted by man ready to help her at Mint Eco Car Wash in Palm Beach Florida

Their goal is to ensure a stress-free experience leaving you feeling rejuvenated as you drive off in your spotlessly clean car! 

“We’re in the business of happiness,” states co-founder of Mint Eco Car Wash, Geoff Jervis. 

This is not your typical car wash! The only way to fully understand it is to experience it yourself!

When you pull into a Mint Eco Car Wash a greeter will ask you, “How can we make you happy today?” A moment of relaxation and a clean car… That would make us so very happy! 

While the crumbs and sand are being removed from the tiny crevices of your car, unwind in their outdoor lobbies that give the vibe of a heavenly oasis!  

Or you may opt for their indoor lobbies where you will enjoy cool air, immaculate bathrooms, a relaxing atmosphere with pristine white walls and natural elements, and healthy snacks and beverages. 

Geoff comments that their lobbies were intentionally designed to be a relaxing space. “Our lobbies have spa music, waterfalls and windchimes.” So peaceful! 

Believe it or not we are talking about a car wash! It may sound too good to be true, but all of this can be found at Mint Eco Car Wash! But please… don’t tell my husband! I’d like to keep this as my secret getaway!!

Woman gets her keys after car wash in front of a quality control sign at Mint Eco Car Wash in Palm Beach Florida.

Did you know Mint Eco Car Wash is ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY?!

They have set the bar high for environmentally friendly practices in the car washing industry. 

Mint Eco Car Wash’s commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices is exceptional!

They use non-toxic and biodegradable chemicals, which results in ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the water used getting recycled and reused, making them a more sustainable car washing option. 

“Nothing goes into the storm drains which leads out to the intercostals and ponds. That’s the important thing,” proudly states, Geoff. 

Their commitment to being environmentally conscious extends beyond the car wash tunnel and into their lobbies. “You’ll notice there are no plastic water bottles,” said Geoff. “You will find a lot of glass and aluminum.” 

“If you live within 5 miles from the ocean or drive by the ocean, there is salt on your car,” warns Geoff. “And the Sun! You’ve seen what that does to a car!”

Did you know salt particles can travel in the air up to 100 miles inland?! Salt not only harms a car’s paint and clear coat, but it can also cause deterioration under the hood and beneath the car!  

Mint Eco Car Wash Employee in Palm Beach Florida waxes the hood of a car.

Luckily the high-quality waxes in the Mint Eco Car Wash tunnel can protect your car from salt damage and the sun’s harmful rays!

Mint Eco Car Wash also offers memberships to make their services more affordable and accessible for customers. “For many, the automobile is their second largest investment,” says Geoff. Mint Eco Car Wash provides the best possible care for their customer’s vehicles.  

At The Scout Guide we LOVE supporting local businesses! Mint Eco Car Wash does just that! 

“We draw a 3-mile radius around our Mint Eco locations and contact every business, every charity, and every educational and religious institution,” said Geoff. This is a testament to their commitment to the community. 

Not only do they support local businesses and charities, but they also regularly participate in beach clean ups and maintain numerous parks in Palm Beach County.  

Mint Eco Car Wash’s relaxing atmosphere and remarkable eco-friendly practices may be a huge draw for consumers but what truly appeals to us is that this company was founded by good people who want to do right by their customers, employees, and Mother Earth. 

When asked about Mint Eco Car Wash’s top priority, Geoff states, “It’s two parts. We’re good at getting dirt off cars but our difference maker is customer experience.”

They certainly have those two things right! Mint Eco Car Wash has received a string of prestigious accolades over the past two years including those from the Palm Beach Post, Department of Defense, Sun Sentinel, and North Palm Beach Chamber.

It’s clear that Mint Eco Car Wash is making waves in the industry and setting a new standard for excellence!

As for the future, we are so excited to hear Mint Eco Car Wash plans to have 10 car washes running by the end of next year!  

“Most people are riding alone in their car but when someone is riding in your car it’s the people you love,” shared Geoff. Experience a sense of satisfaction and pride in your immaculately clean automobile!

As for us at The Scout Guide, we feel a clean car equals a happy driver!

Treat yourself and your car at Mint Eco Car Wash’s newest location off Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard, opening September 1st!! 

Come see just how happy you will feel behind the wheel of a squeaky-clean car!!