Dental Healing Arts: A Holistic Path to Total Wellness

Have you ever heard of a holistic dentist? Well, we have finally found one right here in Jupiter, Florida! Meet Dr. Ilona Fotek of Dental Healing Arts, a renowned expert in holistic dentistry. Dr. Fotek implements safer, conservative and cosmetic dentistry that improves people’s health and lives.

She is recognized for her advanced certificates, innovated approach, extensive clinical experience, and deep commitment to natural, non-toxic dental care.

Dr. Fotek excels in everything from gentle routine cleanings and check-ups to complete smile makeovers, all while exclusively using non-toxic, biocompatible materials.

She ensures every patient receives the safest and most effective care possible.

Dental Healing Arts’ comprehensive approach not only focuses on the aesthetics of a beautiful smile but also on the overall well-being of their patients.

Did you know that whole body wellness starts with your smile?

We have learned so much from Dr. Fotek about the interconnectedness of the body and how oral microbiomes impact our overall health!

We, at The Scout Guide, strive to live a non-toxic and holistic lifestyle – one without dyes, metals, BPA, and harsh chemicals!

Dr. Ilona Fotek’s work is admired by many, and we are incredibly grateful to her for establishing her holistic practice here in South Florida to serve our health-conscious community.

We are honored she took time out of her busy schedule to share her insights and unique philosophy at Dental Healing Arts in this exclusive Q & A.

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TSG: We are so grateful for Dental Healing Arts, as there is no other cosmetic and holistic dentist in South Florida. What are the benefits of your holistic approach compared to those of other conventional dentists? 

Dr. Fotek: The term holistic refers to understanding that everything in the body is interconnected. With our holistic approach, we look at how oral care and microbiomes may affect the mouth and the rest of the body. This plays a pivotal role in our patients’ care since their individual susceptibility needs to be considered when deciding on a personalized treatment approach.  

TSG: Dr. Fotek, you are known for being a highly skilled cosmetic dentist with a personalized approach and gentle touch. Can you explain your approach to Cosmetic Dentistry?

Dr. Fotek: Being a cosmetic dentist for over 20 years, receiving many certifications and participating in numerous cosmetic courses allowed me to gain extensive experience, clinical skills, and knowledge to foresee and prevent issues while creating successful and beautiful smiles.  

TSG: We love that you utilize non-toxic products! How do you ensure cavity and gum disease prevention for your patients while avoiding harsh chemicals? 

Dr. Fotek: Thanks to spending thousands of hours reading scientific studies, devotion to gaining different degrees, including Doctor of Natural Medicine, I have obtained a wealth of  knowledge on how dental materials can positively or negatively impact the body.  We all have a natural detoxification pathway, but it is important to assist the body in minimizing the burden of environmental toxins that we are ultimately exposed to.  Having a strong education and interest in proper and holistic care, guiding patients on their diet and lifestyle, allows me to deliver safe, beautiful dentistry and help patients regain their dental and overall health. An example of our approach our hygienist does not utilize polishing pastes containing fluoride, dyes, or other harsh chemicals that conventional dental offices use.  

Gum disease can have a tremendous effect on overall health and treating those with the most compatible and natural methods are effective and important to maintain a healthful balance.  The key is to properly diagnose gum disease and get to the root cause. We treat the problem rather than just masking it. 

Conventional diagnostic approaches are often insufficient and not comprehensive. In our practice, we offer diagnostic tools that are individualized for our patient’s needs, like material sensitivity testing, CBCT scan evaluation and saliva testing to evaluate oral microbiomes that lead to various diseases. Dr. Paul Fotek, who is my life and business partner, is a double board certified periodontist and implant surgeon. He is an integral part of our multidisciplinary patient care, which makes our boutique style biologic office unique. Providing holistic specialty care, unparalleled to any other office in South Florida, gives our patients access to cosmetic and holistic surgical care.  

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TSG: Your commitment to providing metal-free, BPA-free, and fluoride-free dental care is commendable. Can you elaborate on the potential risks associated with these substances?

Dr. Fotek: BPA stands for bisphenol A, an industrial chemical used to make plastics and resins. Over the past decade, there has been an approach to limit BPA in various products, mainly plastic bottles. In dentistry, the same approach has not yet taken place. Our philosophy is to implement biocompatible materials, which are much safer. There is still a lot of confusion about the potential harmful effects of metal and fluoride in dentistry. So we take time to choose the materials which have the least sensitivity potential, fewer chemicals and are the most suitable for our patients. For that reason, we perform procedures utilizing biocompatible materials like PRF, ozone, non-metal zirconia implants, just to name a few. 

TSG: Your practice truly embodies a comprehensive approach to dentistry, offering a wide range of services that address not only dental health but also cosmetic dentistry and even skin enhancement! Can you share which of your offerings are most frequently sought after by patients seeking dental care at Dental Healing Arts?

Dr. Fotek: Being dentists, we not only improve people’s smiles, we improve their lives. Too often I see patients that are unhappy with their appearance. They stop smiling and, even worse, they stop socializing which can have a tremendously negative impact on their mental health. The single most impactful yet conservative procedure that I perform is dental veneers.  This simple procedure will not only help restore my patients’ beautiful smile and help them regain confidence, but will also positively affect their overall life. 

While working on smile enhancement treatments, not only am I a clinician but also an artist. My goal is for a patient’s smile to look and feel natural. Often, when creating a new smile, the change to the teeth brings improvements to the facial features and skin texture, providing a refreshed and younger appearance. Adding facial esthetic treatments such as biofillers, PRF and other non-invasive natural treatments, help our patients further turn back the clock.

TSG: How vital is orthodontic and airway treatment for overall health?

Dr. Fotek: We place a lot of importance on airway, orthodontic treatments, and sleep apnea prevention. Although sleep apnea is often thought of as an adult problem, it also affects children who can fall victim to this undiagnosed condition. Often, the problem stems from an undiagnosed or insufficiently treated orthodontic issue. Properly aligned teeth improve breathing and oxygenation, jaw growth, speech, prevent gum disease and dental cavities and premature tooth wear. We are proud to screen all our patients and perform treatments that will have a positive lifelong health impact.

TSG: Lastly, what parting message or insight would you like to leave with our readers regarding Dental Healing Arts?

Dr. Fotek: Having over 40 years of combined experience in dentistry, being equipped with the newest and best available technologies in our spa-like serene environment makes our patients feel safe and comfortable. Although dentistry is stressful for most patients, Dental Healing Arts take that anxiety away, clearing a path to an amazing experience leading to an improved oral and overall health. 

Get a beautiful smile that can lead you into your nineties or beyond with Dental Healing Arts!

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To learn more, check out their website and Instagram @dentalhealingarts.

Or better yet, visit their office in the Commons at Abacoa.

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