Beyond Brilliance: Michel Sabourin’s Spectacular Artistry at Sabourin Gallery

Welcome to the extraordinary world of Sabourin Gallery, where you’ll discover breathtaking family-centric visual artworks by Michel Sabourin! They are sure to leave you awe-struck with their profound beauty and emotional depth!

A true standout in The Scout Guide enclave of brilliance – with exceptional quality and white glove service, he is redefining the art experience!

Michel Sabourin, a third-generation visual artist, began uncovering the secrets of the trade by assisting his father in the dark room at just six years of age. He began taking breathtaking photographs at age twelve and the world of art hasn’t been the same!

“We create art as photography portraits, oil paintings, sculptures, and moving art film documentaries – any art medium visual! That’s why I’m a visual artist because I don’t just use photography,” he beams with pride. “I use different mediums to give my clients what they want!”

A visionary with unparalleled versatility! Michel showcases two primary styles – real life moments and fine art.

Hold on to your heartstrings because Michel’s real life moment pieces will tug at them! He crafts the perfect vignette with unmatched finesse. Your energy becomes the heart of the art, capturing genuine emotions and unfiltered moments in the most captivating way.

Now, let’s talk about timeless beauty! Michel’s fine art portraits exude elegance and poise, leaving an everlasting impression!

When we say the possibilities are endless with Michel, we mean it! Choose from a vibrant spectrum of mediums, each one elevating your memories to cherished pieces of art that are one-of-a-kind!

From oil embellishments with a gallery-worthy feel to brushed metal creating the illusion of movement, fiber-based paper for a modern touch, and gilded frames for a luxurious feel. The choices are truly spectacular, ensuring your art will be nothing short of extraordinary!

“People come to the gallery and they LOVE when they see it,” exclaims Michel with enthusiasm, referring to his oil embellished pieces.

But wait, there is more magic! Michel ventures into the world of sculpture and film!

Utilizing a 360 camera, he captures images from all angles that are skillfully sculpted and come to life in three dimensions.  

Michel’s film work is a testament to his artistic vision and storytelling abilities. With expert editing in slow motion, these scenes are transformed into a true masterpiece. 

Michel breathes life into every piece!

His trademark? “Emotion, emotion, emotion!” he passionately declares!

With Michel’s signature focus on emotion, he captures the magical interactions that make our hearts sing!

He transfers that emotion to canvas, linen, film, and sculptures. His art speaks to our souls!

Wonder how he achieves such stunning results with his clients? “It’s knowledge. It’s psychology. It’s visuals. It’s working with people!” Michel shares.

Michel’s charisma extends beyond his artistry – he creates an uplifting atmosphere, making his clients comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera.

We at The Scout Guide are completely enchanted by his irresistible charm! How could you not love him?

Here’s the BEST part! Working with Michel means experiencing the most magical unveiling of your art piece!

Weather the unveiling is at Sabourin Gallery or a destination of your choosing, it will be an unforgettable evening with family and friends!

Picture this  – an evening of pure decadence! A lavish dinner, accompanied by fine wine and cocktails. There, in the spotlight, your masterpiece taking center stage. Love and awe fill the room!

“We are white glove. We do low volume. We are all about clients  – ALL about clients!” says Michel with genuine devotion.

He dives headfirst into his client’s passions, uncovering their individuality, and even understanding the family dynamics. From high-energy kids to dreamy destinations, Michel ensures every aspect of the shoot is tailored with precision, ensuring his client’s get exactly what they desire.

For Michel, its’ all about capturing the essence of who they are and creating memories that sparkle with joy and authenticity!

Michel expresses passionately, “I love capturing because it’s never the same. Every site is exciting for me. I got adrenaline going. And after we capture. There’s a feeling there. You know what you got so now you’re just excited… like a kid in the candy store! The other part is when we’re showing it. And they react to you. That is emotionally rewarding.”

When he speaks of past pieces he speaks with the deepest love of his clients and their stories.

“Every owner of Michel’s pieces is unique… Their world, their families, their style, and their success stories are unique. Which is why Michel listens to them, gets to know them, and create pieces that are as unique as they are…”- Sabourin Gallery.

Talk about luxury and convenience! Michel takes his artistic process to the pinnacle of perfection by providing exceptional concierge services.

Get ready for the ultimate Scout Guide dream come true – a stress-free, totally customized photoshoot that will leave you in awe!

Michel sources wardrobe ensembles, secures the perfect staging sites, and leaves no stone unturned to ensure each piece is a heartfelt work of art, reflecting the bespoke energy of his clients.

Believe it or not, it’s not just a dream – it’s the reality of your photoshoot experience with Michel!

We are blown away by the personalized attention and care he pours into every aspect!

Keep an eye out for Sabourin Gallery’s next event! They will be hosting a Grand Re-Opening November 4th at Sabourin Gallery, located in the Driftwood Plaza, Jupiter.

They will reveal a new 8K monitor to showcase images in stunning paper-quality magnificence! 

At The Scout Guide, we’re head over heels for Michel Sabourin. His passion is infectious!

As Michel says himself, “I’m having fun with everyone – all the time! That’s why I say, I’m never going to retire! It’s too fun!”

Transform your cherished moments into timeless masterpieces with Michel Sabourin: 561-747-3375 or [email protected].

Written by TSG Palm Beach Contributing Editor, Jana Piragic.