TSG Tip: Skincare Organization 101

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but skincare is — at least in our well-moisturized opinions — in the hands of Natasha V. Glasgow. And keeping it all organized? Well, that’s Volume 1 Member and owner of NEAT Method Orange County Katie Koentje’s job.

Recently, we connected the two experts, both of whom, despite their vastly different skill sets, are well-versed in the secrets of Newport Beach bathroom cabinets. As it turns out, the pairing makes sense, especially for those in search of an at-home bespoke beauty experience. Where Natasha tackles the what and why of skincare, Katie and team tackle the how, creating systems to ensure the long-term maintenance of Natasha’s thoughtful prescriptions.

Here, we chat with Natasha and Katie about skincare and organization, from why you shouldn’t save those luxe products for later to the essentials for happy skin and a clean counter.

TSG Newport Beach: Organization is an obvious virtue, but we want to hear from the experts on why it’s so important when in comes to skincare…
NEAT: Organizing your products allows you to see what you have and then actually use it. No more out of sight, out of mind with your expensive, high-quality products.
Exactly! I encounter so many women that are saving those high-value, high-impact products for something special. But they’re meant to be used — and used in the correct order! When you have everything organized and easily accessible, you’re more likely to use your products before the expire. And beauty products do expire and lose efficacy over time.

TSG Newport Beach: We’re guilty of saving the good stuff. NVG, can you elaborate on expiration dates and what we should be on the lookout for?
NVG: Absolutely. Expiration dates aren’t suggestions, especially for cleaner, non-toxic products with preservatives that are more susceptible to heat and improper storage. I recommend that you take the expiration dates for any eye or lip products — that mascara and sunscreen, too — seriously, because they’ll wreak the most havoc on your skin.

TSG Newport Beach: Any tips for encouraging clients to get over hoarding the good stuff and actually use the products they’ve invested in?
NVG: Keep them on display! Most are so beautiful and will evoke emotion. Don’t forget that you — and your skin — deserve to be indulged!

TSG Newport Beach: Can you walk us through your process of organizing a client’s beauty and skincare products?
NVG: For me, it’s all about understanding the client’s concerns: what do they need the most support with? What skin issues need to be addressed? I also consider a client’s lifestyle, values, and budget. From there, I investigate what brings my clients joy and find ways to marry those elements in a bespoke skincare routine that makes them feel really seen.
NEAT: We focus on how clients use their products to create an organizational system that supports their skincare and beauty routines. For example, organizing morning skincare products in one drawer and evening skincare products in another. We also like to ensure that everyday items get prime real estate and every skincare/beauty category gets its own drawer insert to keep you accountable in maintaining the organization system.

TSG Newport Beach: What advice do you give for maintaining skincare systems?
NVG: Be honest about your time and budget. Stick with your skincare regime for 3 months, don’t give up, and don’t keep introducing new products. That’ll keep you guessing what is working and what is not.
NEAT: Reset your space weekly. Set a timer for 10 minutes and quickly edit your drawers and cabinets, rotating out items you no longer use and tossing/restocking any empties!

TSG Newport Beach: Let’s talk about products… What does everyone need in their bathroom?
NVG: Write this down: Dr. Rogers Face Wash, Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 PIGM 400, Intraceuticals Daily Serum, Alastian Tinted Sunscreen, and Thomas Grove Facial Oil.
And to keep all of those fabulous products organized, we recommend everyone uses easy-to-clean drawer inserts. We like to take inventory of our clients’ beauty products and measure their drawers to create a custom buildout where every product has its “home.”

TSG Newport Beach: We love bringing experts like yourselves together. Do you have any questions for each other?
NEAT: Yes! NVG, are you ready?
NVG: Of course, darling.

NEAT: Some of our clients are self-professed beauty junkies. Do you have any tips for helping them simplify their routine?
NVG: I’ve been that person. But after testing products for over 25 years, I can tell you that less is way more. The skin knows what to do, so allow it to do its magic. I recommend that they bring in an expert to decide what products they can cut back on — typically anything with active ingredients, acids, and exfoliates because those can destroy the skin barrier, causing your skin to act like it needs more products. It’s a vicious circle.

NEAT: We usually find a lot of facial tools in our client’s bathrooms. Are they worth the hype?
NVG: 100%. And the most effective tools are microcurrents. I love the NUFACE PRO — and definitely make sure you’re purchasing the Pro version. I like to use an organic aloe gel as the conductor rather than spending hundreds on their conductor gels. Put those funds towards an amazing facial.

NEAT: What’s the rule of thumb on beauty blenders. When can we toss them?
That thing works like a dream, but needs to be cleaned daily. use a hand soap that doubles as a cleanser. I love Dr. Bronner’s Baby Unscented Pure Castile Liquid Soap. It’s fabulous for cleaning all your makeup brushes, too.

NVG: My turn! How do you recommend storing items that aren’t used daily?
For categories like nail care, bath, travel, and once-a-month skin and hair products, we like to store them in labeled stacking bins under the sink for easy access.

NVG: How do you deal with overflow or extra products?
We love a good backstock bin. This can also be stored under the sink or in a linen closet. Just remember to “shop” this bin before you head to the store.

NVG: I love samples, but they tend to create chaos in my skincare system. What’s your advice for sample and travel-size products?
NEAT: Samples are perfect for guests! Consider stocking your guest bathroom with them. And if you want to keep them for yourself — we get it! — keeping them with travel items is a great option.

TSG Newport Beach: We’ll weigh in with one last question… What are your current essentials? Things your beauty regimen can’t exist without?
NVG curated the most fabulous lineup of products for me, some of which I display in our Ceramic Nesting Trays.
NVG: First and foremost, quality sleep and hydration. Our skin is the ultimate barometer for what’s going on in our body, so it’s essential to care for it from the inside out. Once those essentials are taken care of, you won’t find me skimping on cleansing, PH balancing, deep hydration courtesy of a serum, moisturizer, Thomas Grove, and SPF. This is referred to as Skin Streaming, a process of using only the most essential and productive products in your line up. A process gaining popularity online and for good reason! Only using what you need and stop overdoing it, remember, your skin knows what to do!”I also like to do a weekly eye mask and exfoliation, which I save for Sundays. And, of course, Oxygen Facials with Shila.

Natasha Glasgow of NVG and Katie Koentje’s of NEAT Method Orange County are on standby to curate a skincare system that’s equal parts efficacious and organized. Start by tapping NVG, who will thoughtfully curate your skincare routine and product lineup, then recruit Katie of Neat Method to organize for efficiency and aesthetics!