Meet Catherine Lowe

Catherine was born and raised in Newport Beach, California where she was reared on Balboa Bars (if you know, you know) and weekends on the water. Temporarily switching the ocean for the desert, Catherine attended The University of Arizona where she graduated with an emphasis in sports marketing and retail.

As a third generation female entrepreneur, Catherine’s first business venture started at a young age with a very successful hot chocolate stand at Newport Beach’s annual Christmas Boat Parade (hot tip, if you’re seven, you can get away with not offering change). Since then, she has focused her talents on marketing, events, and branding.

While she keeps a full schedule, when she has free time you will find her spending quality time with friends and family, trying out the latest happy hour spot, going on long walks, or her most favorite, traveling the globe. One of her favorite pastimes is playing travel advisor to her friends, creating the perfect itinerary for their getaways—from mapping out exclusive experiences and activities to wardrobe recommendations.

It was actually on one of Catherine’s own travels that she discovered The Scout Guide and immediately fell in love and knew she wanted to get involved. Today, Catherine is extremely excited to be the very first TSG owner and editor in California! She cannot wait to share the amazing local businesses in her hometown and beyond, highlighting the must-stop-spots in Newport Beach and show readers what makes the city so special to its residents and those passing through.

Catherine’s Favorite Reasons to Visit

Reason 1

The Lifestyle: Newport sports a unique lifestyle, embodying both the laid-back and the luxe, making this special place the perfect juxtaposition of urban swank and beach-town cool. Ultimately, the locals make Newport Beach the vibrant, pet-friendly, outdoor-obsessed place it’s come to be, where you can take your dog on a walk and assuredly make a new friend or paddle board around Balboa and find a new crew. For those included for less robust adventures, hitting Lido Village for shopping and a cocktail is always a popular pastime.

Reason 2

The Sun, The Surf, and The Sand: One of the top reasons people live here—and visit—is to take in all that nature has to offer. There is nothing quite like watching a breathtaking sunset over The Wedge or taking a long walk down the beach. Whether you’re out for a stroll, enjoying a dip in the ocean, or a kid on your bike after Junior Guards on your way to the Fun Zone, there are endless ways to soak up the Southern California sun.

Reason 3

The Boating Community: Duffy to Dinner? Newport Beach is home to one of the largest recreational harbors in the country, and with nearly 10,000 boats in the harbor, it’s no surprise that the boating community is robust. Only in Newport will you find the most happening happy hour spot on the water, whether you’re on an electric Duffy, the sleekest yacht, or a beautiful sailboat.

WORDS TO LIVE BY:  Be the type of energy that no matter where you go, you always add value to the spaces and lives around you.