THE LOCAL: Vikki Leftwich, Owner of VILLA VICI


Crossing the threshold of VILLA VICI is committing yourself to an experience. You may walk through the showroom, admire the furniture and original art, but eventually you’ll find yourself sitting on a sofa chatting with the owners Vikki Leftwich and Bryan Colwell, about their many years in the furniture business and everything they know about interiors and how they can enhance your life and elevate your surroundings to the fullest. Their sons Ian and Sean may walk in and eventually you’ll feel like you’re sitting in your own living room. VILLA VICI is the quintessential lifestyle brand. Vikki Leftwich shares with you a little bit about how they created this atmosphere and this iconic store on Magazine Street.

The Inspiration 

On a fashion buying trip in New York 30 years ago, Bryan and I were inspired by the new Shabby Chic store that had recently opened in SoHo. I met Rachel Ashwell and inquired about a franchise. When she declined our offer, I knew my next passion in life would transfer from fashion to home furnishings and made it my new goal. While on a ski vacation, I struck up a conversation with a guy on the ski lift who happened to have a connection to a furniture factory in L.A. One thing led to another, we cut our trip short and headed to the West Coast where we contracted our newfound friends to make our own collection of slipcovered and upholstered furniture and…VILLA VICI began.


The Passion

Cities are dictated by the style of their retail stores and galleries. Can you imagine a city with no local shops? Without support from the community, we would be a city without a soul. 

Our philosophy has always remained constant; to offer our customers the highest quality in products, service and value without compromising style and comfort. A CAREFULLY SELECTED PRODUCT MIX is chosen from the finest furniture vendors in the U.S. and around the world, to ensure a timeless home environment that excites the senses.

The Experience

We do our best to create a welcoming environment in store so that people can really experience or envision how the furniture or art might translate to their home. We invite you to sit on our showroom pieces, and we’re often known to serve you a glass of Prosecco as you reflect. Because our store front and display windows look expensive and we merchandise the showroom in mostly white, many people think we are not affordable or kid friendly. The truth of the matter is we can design a home for you based on your lifestyle and budget with washable fabrics as well as modern linens and velvets. Styles in upholstery range from classic to contemporary with over 1000 choices in fabrics and colors. We also offer custom sizes and finishes in all dining, living and bedroom furniture. We stay consistently busy throughout the year, but our customers anxiously await to view our new collections that arrive in early Spring and early Fall. 

Our LUXURY RENTALS in New Orleans and Covington offer our guests a chance to experience the world of Villa Vici. 


Expert Advice

Scale before you buy! We are experts in scaling furniture to your room so you don’t make a mistake. We’ll scale to your architectural plans or your existing home. 

Being an INTERIOR DESIGNER while owning a showroom allows our customers the hands-on experience of making educated choices for their design needs. Villa Vici offers complete interior design services, working with architects pre-construction and consulting with clients on everything from colors, selection of lighting, to space planning for all furniture selections and much more. We are truly a one-stop furniture retail store and design resource firm for our clients and other interior designers as well. 

Fun Fact

We are a family run business. A husband and wife team working alongside two sons. You can thank Ian and Sean for infusing a little color into VILLA VICI!