7 Droolworthy Dishes to Eat at St. Roch Market in New Orleans

Alt text: The exterior of St. Roch Market, framed by green trees with outdoor seating area consisting of black metal tables and chairs. A person is visible at the entrance, contributing to The Scout Guide's exploration of local attractions.

St. Roch Market in New Orleans, now owned by long-time vendor and neighborhood resident Kevin Pedeaux, has been revitalized into a dynamic food hall that highlights the best of local cuisine.

More than just a dining spot, St. Roch Market serves as an incubator for aspiring food entrepreneurs and chefs who are shaping the New Orleans culinary scene.

With 13 vendors occupying its historic stalls, the market offers a wide range of local and international cuisines, all under one roof. Each vendor is carefully chosen for their unique flavors, ensuring that every visit showcases the creativity of New Orleans’ food culture.

St. Roch Market stands as a testament to the city’s vibrant culinary heritage, featuring an array of cuisines including Asian, Italian, Mexican, Cuban, and American. With a constantly changing lineup of vendors, it invites visitors to explore new flavors they might not typically try. This all-day dining destination is ideal for groups with diverse food preferences.

The Scout Guide New Orleans team sampled dishes from various vendors and are excited to share our recommendations on what to try when you visit!

Alt text: Two gourmet tacos filled with garnishes and sauces, presented on a wooden cutting board as part of The Scout Guide's culinary exploration.

1. Roti Tacos from Slow and Pho

“This is one of the most ingenious collaborations: Chef Tung combines the Indian flatbread, roti, with slow cooked pork belly and vegetables to create the most unreal taco. He has actually won awards for it too.” – Taylor Morgan, Editor/Owner, The Scout Guide New Orleans

A plate of Middle Eastern cuisine featuring creamy hummus sprinkled with sumac, a dollop of thick tzatziki garnished with herbs, golden-brown grilled chicken shawarma, and pieces of soft, warm pita bread, freshly prepared and served as a harmonious and appetizing meal, embodying the culinary essence of The Scout Guide.

2. Chicken Shawarma Platter from Dolma

I am a huge fan of Mediterranean food so I had to try Dolma. The chicken was deliciously crispy and seasoned with a flavorful special blend. However, there was so much more to the platter than just the chicken. The hummus and tzatziki “sides” were much more than a regular side; they were plentiful servings! The platter also included hot pita, allowing me to make my own shawarma wrap! This chicken shawarma platter is a quintessential representation of Mediterranean cuisine.”

– Elizabeth Johnston, Intern, The Scout Guide New Orleans

A dish of shrimp ceviche accompanied by lemon slices and a fresh green salad, served with a side of crispy tortilla chips, presented on a round white plate on a marble surface, embodying the culinary explorations in The Scout Guide.

3. Seasonal Seafood Ceviche from The Salted Pearl

“Ceviche is one of my favorite things to make and eat in the summer so I was intrigued when I saw The Salted Pearl’s seasonal ceviche. The dish was super fresh and served with a side of chips making it the perfect lunch. The tangy lime and spices of the crawfish complemented each other well and added a cajun spin on the Peruvian dish. Chef Micah mentioned the other seasonal ceviche: a coconut, basil, and pineapple ceviche, which is served in the spring.”

– Livy Nieset, Intern, The Scout Guide New Orleans

A delectable plate of nachos generously topped with melted cheese, sour cream, ground meat, beans, salsa, and a fresh guacamole garnish, presented on a white surface, capturing the essence of The Scout Guide's seek-and-find adventures in culinary delights.

4. The Basic B(reakfast) from Taceaux Loceaux

“The chef crafted a delightful off-menu special, putting a unique twist on the Basic B(reakfast). This creation featured fluffy scrambled eggs, cheese, and potato-poblano hash, all wrapped in a warm corn tortilla. He ingeniously combined these breakfast elements with the Classic Nachos, resulting in a truly unforgettable dish, which was crispy tortilla chips piled high with all the breakfast essentials. He added seasoned ground beef, savory beans, and a zesty nacho cheese sauce. The dish was a large serving, enough to feed around three to four people, perfect to share with friends. This dish was the best of both worlds: a perfect fusion of Mexican cuisine and a classic breakfast.”

– Anna Grace Dreiling, Intern, The Scout Guide New Orleans

A plate of stir-fried noodles garnished with herbs, paired with fresh lime, cucumber slices, and a small side salad with a creamy dressing, presented elegantly and ready to enjoy, embodying the essence of The Scout Guide's focus on local culinary delights.

5. Omu-Noodles from Laksa Nola

“When I asked Chef Lin about the dish, she explained that Omu-Noodles are similar to Drunken Noodles, which made my decision easy. The dish is a stir-fry noodle platter with pan-fried veggies and I opted for the rice noodles. It was perfectly balanced with a sweet and tangy sauce, and I chose chicken as my protein. The dish was lighter than Drunken Noodles, which was perfect for lunch and it was bursting with flavor.”

– Isabel Balart, Assistant Editor, The Scout Guide New Orleans

A bowl of Caesar salad topped with shredded cheese, croutons, and pieces of grilled chicken, served on a marble table with a set of silverware on the side, embodying the essence of The Scout Guide's focus on local lifestyle and culinary exploration.

6. Southern Caesar from Roch and Claude

“The Southern Caesar is the perfect light, lunch meal. The chicken is smoked, putting a fun twist on the classic meal. The star of the salad is definitely the cornbread croutons, they were to die for. Its another winner of a dish from Chef Tung with Slow and Pho, too.”

– Taylor Morgan, Editor/Owner, The Scout Guide New Orleans

Fresh spring rolls neatly arranged on a white plate with a side of dipping sauce, evoking culinary delights recommended by The Scout Guide.

7. Yellowtail Spring Rolls from Lin’s Poke and Sushi

“The yellowtail spring rolls caught my eye. They were so refreshing and the sweet chill, house sauce and eel sauce on the side was so good.”

-Taylor Morgan, Editor/Owner, The Scout Guide New Orleans

Anna Four women smiling at a table with various dishes in a stylish, airy cafe with white interior, hanging greenery, and a bustling bar counter in the background, capturing the essence of The Scout Guide's focus on local businesses and communal experiences.
Isabel with our Summer Interns: Livy Nieset, Anna Grace Dreiling, and Elizabeth Johnston

Visit St. Roch Market at 2831 St. Claude Ave today and tell them Scout sent you!